Below Deck’s Hannah Ferrier addresses major setback ‘They’d taken it all off the boat’

Below Deck’s Hannah Ferrier addresses major setback ‘They’d taken it all off the boat’

Below Deck Mediterranean: Bravo previews latest season

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The crew members from Below Deck’s Mediterranean spin-off recently made a surprising admission about season four. The team, including Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier, revealed the reason why the yacht was lacking table decor in season four.

Below Deck Mediterranean, follows nine crew members as they work onboard the yacht and provide service for elite passengers.

However, it’s the non-stop drama which continues to bring viewers back every week and have them glued to the screen.

Tumultuous arguments, forbidden relationships and excessive partying is also a huge part of the series, where crew members often let loose.

During season four, table decor and the lack thereof was a major part of the factor after Captain Sandy Yawn expressed huge concern.

It all began when she attended a boat show and was amazed by the tablescapes on display.

She even resorted to taking photos of them and sending them to Hannah, hoping to inspire her to up her table decor game.

However, the real reason why the table decor wasn’t up to standard in season four was recently exposed by Chief Stew, crew members Aesha Scott and Anastasia Surmava.

It turned out the crew didn’t have a lot to work with because of the yacht owner and production.

During an episode of the Dear Reality, You’re Fired podcast, Aesha shared: “Can I just say, I worked on many a boat with many a décor cupboards, and you guys do have to know that the décor cupboard on this boat was literally the sh****t, sparest décor cupboard I have ever seen.”

Anastasia added: “So part of why we struggled so much with table décor was because literally, all we had were three shelves with nothing.”

While they had access to a few decorative pebbles, they questioned how they would make it work, as the area the yacht had docked was in short supply of anything they could use.

Anastasia disclosed season four also had a very low budget for table decor: “We had a budget of 200 Euros to go out and buy new table décor!”

Aesha recalled her experience and stated: “Every boat I’ve worked on, you usually have at least a whole, one half of the main salon, all the cupboards packed with decorations.

She added: “Like swans and doves and animals and all these different things and you can just go to town.

Aesha explained: “But there was literally one cupboard with pebbles and we were like, ‘What the f**k are we supposed to do with them?’”

Hannah later made a surprising revelation and shared: “I found out afterward, they’d taken it all off the boat.”

“They knew obviously that we were filming, so they didn’t want us to go and trash everything,” Hannah continued, “They took everything off the boat! So we had nothing to work with.”

Fans discovered, former Chief Stew Kate Chastain had a falling out with Hannah after it was unveiled she had mocked the table decor.

Below Deck Mediterranean is available to watch on Bravo, Hayu and Netflix.

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