BBC Breakfasts Naga Munchetty brands Charlie Stayt annoying as crew baffled

BBC Breakfasts Naga Munchetty brands Charlie Stayt annoying as crew baffled

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BBC Breakfast turned tense as presenter Naga Munchetty branded her co-star Charlie Stayt 'annoying'.

The duo were chatting about ASMR – that's autonomous sensory meridian response – on the Breakfast sofa on Thursday (May 12), as Charlie read aloud from a newspaper article.

The phenomenon aims to relax people through certain auditory and visual 'triggers' such as the crinkling of paper or gentle whispering directly into a microphone.

Charlie announced: "So, this is an exhibition at the Design Museum and it's the first exhibition on autonomous sensory meridian response – ASMR."

Naga chimed in: "Well that sounds thrilling."

Charlie went on: "So the idea is, maybe you can see in this tiny picture here, there's foam and stuff so you go in there, and various sounds are made and the idea is it helps you to sleep. It helps you to sleep."

He then quizzed: "Would you like some examples of the sounds that are supposed to make you feel more relaxed?"

Naga confirmed: "I'd love that, Charlie."

"Okay, here's two of them, for example," Charlie said, and immediately began tapping his fingertips on the table. "This is science."

Naga acquiesced: "Oh, that is quite therapeutic."

"You starting to feel a bit…?" Charlie asked, indicating she should be dozing off. "The sound of fingernails. The idea is it starts to work gradually – if you're nodding off at home, wake up, wake up!"

Charlie then moved onto the second sound – crumpling a newspaper – which left Naga less than impressed.

"That's just annoying," she slammed.

Charlie tried to interject: "The rustle of newspapers," but Naga simply cut him off to say: "No, that's annoying."

"It's sensory, you see. Everyone in the studio is pretty much nodding off," Charlie said, gesturing around at the gathered camera crew.

Naga said: "No, they're actually shaking their heads at you. They're not nodding off, nodding is like…" She then performed an approximation of someone falling asleep as she continued: "They're just… they're looking a little bit baffled."

Charlie argued: "Well let's say it's having an impact."

Naga didn't look impressed as she raised her eyebrows at her co-star, telling him: "We could."

She couldn't wait to change the subject to another newspaper article about a bull, telling Charlie: "So you introduced me to sleep, I'm going to introduce you to a superstud."

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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