BBC Breakfasts Jon Kay caught in awkward wardrobe blunder as he meets twin

BBC Breakfasts Jon Kay caught in awkward wardrobe blunder as he meets twin

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BBC Breakfast host Jon Kay simply couldn't do right for doing wrong this week, as he was caught in yet another awkward wardrobe blunder.

On Monday (July 18), Jon had opted for a linen jacket and a blue shirt – but quickly saw the jacket ruined as a pigeon decided to have a poo on the collar.

So, hoping for the best on Tuesday, Jon dressed in a white button-up shirt patterned with lilac flowers, forgoing the jacket entirely in the heatwave, and admitted he hoped the shirt would act as "camouflage" should another bird approach needing the toilet.

But it seemed he simply couldn't win, as on location at Droitwich Spa Lido, he encountered another man in a very similar outfit – hailing the pair "twins".

Jon told viewers: "We are having a wonderful time. I haven't been pushed in yet, I haven't been splashed too much!"

He then introduced Dr Mohit Mandiratta, who appeared on the show to give some health advice to viewers about coping in the heat.

But the doctor was wearing a very similar shirt to Jon, albeit with slightly larger purple flowers.

"Dr Mohit has just arrived, you've got to see this, right? We didn't co-ordinate deliberately, but can you believe this Nina?" Jon asked.

In the studio, host Nina Warhurst joked: "My eyes!"

Jon giggled: "I thought my shirt was crazy, but he beat me!"

Dr Mohit then responded: "I know, I didn't get the memo, clearly. But we look like twins for the morning!"

Jon then hit back: "Twins, or utterly predictable middle aged men!", as Dr Mohit agreed: "Very true, very true."

Jon then wondered: "Have you brought equally wild trunks?"

From the studio, a giggling Nina said: "Do you know what's even more amazing, Jon? From where we're looking at you, we can't see the floor. Are you actually standing on a surfboard? Balancing?"

As the camera panned out to show him standing on solid ground, Nina said: "Oh, they've ruined it!"

And sports correspondent John Watson couldn't help but chime in: "Do you know what we should get Jon for Christmas? The matching shorts. We'll have to fish those out."

He then joked: "I wish I could match him!", as Nina consoled him: "Next time!"

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