BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker says he misses Good Morning Britain rival Piers Morgan

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker says he misses Good Morning Britain rival Piers Morgan

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker has admitted that he misses his TV rival Piers Morgan — despite their furious social media spats.

The pair spent much of their time off-air at loggerheads, with Dan mocking his opposite number for storming off the set of the ITV show before quitting completely.

But after the pair were pictured together playing golf last month, Dan admitted to The Sun’s TV Mag that he missed the former Good Morning Britain host.

He said: “We’re okay. I sometimes miss the back and forth – we had a little ding dong about Emma Radecanu on social media.

"Him just pontificating about how she should have acted and what was going on in her head, so I just asked him what he would have felt if she’d stormed off in a huff.

“I thought it was healthy for both programmes. I never shied away from a bit of competition and it’s good, it keeps you on your toes as well.

"I’m sure we’ll see him back on a screen sometime soon though. So I don’t miss it too much."

Dan, who is fronting the BBC’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics coverage which starts on Friday, did add that he didn’t fancy his frenemy’s old job.

Asked if he wanted to fill the vacant GMB job, he added: “I’m very happy doing what I’m doing!”

Dan will now front a special Tokyo 2020 edition of BBC Breakfast for the next fortnight, but because of COVID he has to remain in London.

It means he won’t get to trade in his unenviable 3.30am for a lie-in as he had hoped.

He added to TV Mag: “We come on at 5am and I suppose you could call it Olympic Breakfast but there’d be literal news bulletins but it essentially is an Olympic programme, it’s just that it’s on at the same time as Breakfast. 

“It’s made by BBC Sport, so it’s a very different programme but it is on at the same time. We’ll have a bit of fun with it but yeah one of the reasons I was looking forward to going to Japan was that I didn’t have to get up early but unfortunately I do.”

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