Barack Obama Gives Wife Michelle Hard Time Over Her Love of Real Housewives Franchise

Barack Obama Gives Wife Michelle Hard Time Over Her Love of Real Housewives Franchise

Michelle Obama defends her love of the Bravo reality TV show, calling it a ‘nice respite from other, more serious obligations’ and claims her husband sometime pokes fun at her about it.

AceShowbizMichelle Obama says regular date nights is the key to keeping her marriage strong. The former US First Lady confessed she and her husband, ex-president Barack Obama – with whom she has daughters Malia, 24, and 21-year-old Sasha – used to struggle to carve out “quality moments” together so got into the habit of setting aside a few hours for one another, where talk of their respective careers and their kids were off limits.

“For years, Barack and I were so busy with our own lives that sometimes it felt like we hardly had a quality moment with each other. That was especially true for us once we had kids – particularly those first few years when they’re so little and depend on you for everything,” she told Sunday Times Style magazine.

“So over the years Barack and I learnt to be proactive – to intentionally make plans, set date nights, and allow ourselves time with each other where we don’t talk about work or the girls. These things help, they really do.”

“They give us space to see each other in a new light – to introduce ourselves to each other once more. They remind me why I fell in love with him in the first place. These days, now that we’re out of the White House and our kids are out of our home, our lives are a little more manageable. There are more moments together than there used to be. And I think we’re both really grateful for that.”

When she’s alone, the 58-year-old writer likes to relax in front of the TV but admitted her husband gives her a “hard time” over her love of the “Real Housewives” franchise. She said, “I’m a big fan of HGTV and I also enjoy ‘Real Housewives’. Barack sometimes gives me a hard time about it, but these shows are a nice respite from other, more serious obligations.”

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