Ann Widdecombe hits out over Brexit on Celebrity Crystal Maze: ‘Where’s Barnier?’

Ann Widdecombe hits out over Brexit on Celebrity Crystal Maze: ‘Where’s Barnier?’

Ann Widdecombe, 71, teamed up with former Casualty star Sunetra Sarker, 46, Hollyoaks actress Nikki Sanderson, 35, Love Island alumni Wes Nelson, 21, and television presenter Matthew Wright, 54 on tonight’s edition of The Crystal Maze.

After Wes completed the first task on the Channel 4 game show, the team nominated Ann to take on the skills challenge in which she had to throw sand bags at targets.

Ann has openly shared her views on the UK’s departure from the EU, currently standing as a Brexit party MEP alongside leader Nigel Farage, 55.

Hoping Ann would gain greater success, the former Conservative MP was told by her team to see the targets as figures who rile her to give her some motivation.

Barnier, come here!

Ann Widdecombe

The teams suggestion seemed to have worked as Ann was then seen throwing the bags with great determination at the targets.

As she threw the first bag, Matthew could be heard saying: “Imagine they’re labour voters Ann. Imagine they’re Remainers Ann.”

Determined to hit the targets, Ann continued with the task, exclaiming: “Remainers,” on several occasions as well as yelling “Corbyn,” and “EU.”

With just minute left on the clock, Ann also made quips at several EU officials, remarking at one point as she hit the targets: “That was Juncker, where’s Barnier?

“Barnier, come here!” Ann exclaimed as her team mates could be seen laughing on the other side of the door.

Ann’s efforts weren’t in vein as she managed to help her team progress to the next stage of the game show.

Throughout the episode, host Richard Ayoade, 42, was seen trying to build a rapport with the politician asking Widdecombe.

Towards the end of the episode, he said to Ann: “Do you think over the course of the game, we’ve grown closer?

The former Conservative MP blunt replied: “Oh no.”

Viewers watching at home couldn’t quite believe the former Strictly Come Dancing star was on the show and took to social media to voice their thoughts.

One posted on Twitter: “Anne Widdecombe doing #crystalmaze with Wes from Love Island is one of the most surreal things I’ll ever see.”

Another added: “Ann Widdecombe on is all I need to see tonight! #crystalmaze @CrystalMaze1,” with a third writing: “Ann Widdecombe on the #crystalmaze might just be the definition of things I never thought I’d see!”

Last week’s instalment show saw Strictly professional AJ Pritchard, 24, take on one of the mazes’ tricky tasks.

Ahead of the challenge, AJ told Richard:“I’m getting a bit nervous now.”

After some interaction with AJ, Richard asked the dancer another question, which was met with silence as the contestant tried to get his head in the game.

Richard asked: “Did you think I was talking to the door then?” to which Pritchard replied: “I was visualising where I’m gonna go!”

The Crystal Maze continues Friday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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