Ackley Bridge: Why was Marina Perry recast?

Ackley Bridge: Why was Marina Perry recast?

Ackley Bridge: Channel 4 share behind the scenes

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Ackley Bridge is the school comedy-drama that has kept fans on its toes for the past five years. Season five will be no different as Marina Perry, the teenager who supposedly rules the school as the popular girl, will be played by a different actress. Here’s everything knows about the change in Channel 4 casting.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Ackley Bridge.

Marina is the Queen Bee of Ackley Bridge who was originally played by Carla Woodcock.

She portrayed the stylish teen for the first four seasons of the drama but ahead of series five’s start date, it was revealed Woodcock would not be returning to the show.

But rather than getting rid of the character altogether, actress Megan Morgan has been given the part of Marina instead.

Actress Morgan has opened up on what it has been like to step into another star’s shoes for a role.

Speaking to press, including, Morgan explained she did watch a few episodes of Woodcock’s performance just so she could get to grips with who Marina is.

She said: “I was quite nervous at first, I’m not going to lie.

“But I think for me, it was about understanding who she is and respecting what’s been done before.

“And [then] getting as much information as I can from the previous series and then creating my own version of what I see Marina as and threading all of that together.”

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Why was Marina Perry recast in Ackley Bridge?

There has been no indication as to the exact reason why Woodcock was replaced by Morgan as Marina.

But it is thought that it was the star’s decision to leave the series so she could pursue other acting opportunities, going by her latest projects.

She stars in Flowers in the Attic: The Origin as Helen which came out on Saturday, July 9, on Lifetime in America.

So far, a UK release date for the mini-series hasn’t been announced.

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It was announced earlier this year that Woodcock would be joining the cast of the musical drama History of a Pleasure Seeker on Hulu.

The series is based on Richard Mason’s novel, set in 1907 Amsterdam, telling the tale of a “charismatic young man’s explosive adventures through all the temptations of the Belle Époque.”

The Ackley Bridge star will be portraying a character Constance but as talk of the series has only just started, it is unlikely History of a Pleasure Seeker will be out until 2023.

She was also highly praised earlier this year as Woodcock was listed as one of YOU Magazine’s new rising screen stars of 2022.

It has already been teased by some of its stars that fans will see another side of Marina in Ackley Bridge season five.

The description for the series reads: “Life gets complicated for Marina (Megan Morgan), Kayla’s popular Queen Bee sister, just as her younger brother Kyle (Adam Little), Ackley’s newest pupil and troublemaker, turns up at school, fresh out of juvie.

“It’s been a year already jam-packed with love triangles, catfishing, compulsive liars and one utterly joyous (albeit failed) gypsy wedding.

“But it’s not over until the last school bell rings and there’s still plenty of time before the sun breaks on the summer holidays…”

Ackley Bridge season 5 premieres on Monday, July 11, at 10pm on Channel 4.

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