A Gateshead flat is up for sale at £35,000 – but there's a messy catch

A Gateshead flat is up for sale at £35,000 – but there's a messy catch

In the market to buy a flat for £35,000?

Well, there is now a brilliant opportunity to purchase a property at that incredible price – but there’s a slight catch.

A two-bedroom property along Northbourne St, in Gateshead, looks like the perfect home from the outside – but one look behind the door is a different story.

From the living room to the bedrooms, all the rooms inside the first-floor flat are covered in rubbish and clutter.

And the mess in question was left by previous tenants.

Walking into the kitchen, not only has the washing up been left in the sink but the counters are littered with empty bottles, buckets of paint and empty wrappers.

Upstairs is much the same, with loose wires dangling from ceilings and rubbish sprawled across the floor.

While the main bedroom appears to be cleaner, the curtains are a dingy brown, the wallpaper is torn and the bed does not look the most inviting.

However, the biggest issue to tackle is the bathroom.

Not only does it need a thorough clean, but the bathtub has been filled with old clothes and there are dirty towels hanging across the walls.

There is also a mysterious brown splattering in the toilet bowl.

Yet with a good clear out and clean, the flat has potential – and, with its steal of a price, it will help those hoping to get their foot on the property ladder.

Although, this is only possible if you’re willing to tackle the mess.

The first-floor flat is also near bus links and there’s even a Domino’s around the corner – making it the perfect location for a mid-clean snack.

The property will be put up for auction by Auction House North East on May 31, 2022.

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