Can You Figure Out Which Movie Franchise These Characters Come From?

In what movie franchise can we find Reepicheep?  Harry PotterHarry Potter The Lord Of The RingsThe Lord Of The Rings The Chronicles Of NarniaThe Chronicles Of NarniaCorrect! Wrong! Via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures And what about Poppy Adams?  KingsmanKingsman James BondJames Bond Mission ImpossibleMission ImpossibleCorrect! Wrong! Via 20th Century Fox In what franchise does Ebony Maw exist?  Marvel Cinematic UniverseMarvel Cinematic Universe DCEUDCEU X-MenX-MenCorrect! Wrong! Via […]

How millions of parents can reclaim leftover cash from lunches and trips before school holidays start

MILLIONS of parents should check if they can reclaim cash from accounts used to pay for kids' school lunches and trips before the holidays start. Online payment provider ParentPay has 5million users across 9,000 schools in 200 local authorities. It's used by both parents of primary and secondary school kids to pay for anything from […]

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reader Find out what your fave authors have been reading, catch up on the great essays and features we’ve published, and get some awesome life advice from BuzzFeed Reader’s editors. ByBuzzFeed Promotions March 2019 November 2018: Thank God The Midterms Are Over July 2018: Get All the Ultra-Specific Book Recommendations Your Heart Desires August 2017: […]