17 Funny Tumblr Posts I Saw This Week

1.On small triumphs: 2.On food: 3.On music: 4.On dick pics: 5.On gamers: 6.On aesthetics: 7.On ants: 8.On weather: 9.On language: 10.On fruit: 11.On sheep: 12.On super villains: 13.On dating: 14.On memory: 15.On self care: 16.On friends: 17.And lastly, on usernames: The 18 Funniest Tumblr Posts I Saw In July 2019 18 Totally Excellent Tumblr Posts […]

17 Blatant Lies Parents Told Their Kids (That Their Kids Actually Believed)

Recently, Redditor u/lphillips5 asked other Reddit users: “What’s something completely false that your parents told you as a child?” Here are some of the cutest, most shocking, and funniest answers!!! 1.“My dad had me convinced that if I were to ever look at my own butt, I would explode.” —u/MysteriousEvidence 2.“My dad told me that […]

17 Of The Funniest Questions Students Have Ever Asked Sex-Ed Teachers

Recently, Reddit user u/drgamecubed asked middle school sex-ed teachers to share the funniest and best questions students have asked them. Here are some of our favorites: 1.“One girl had asked if she should see a doctor because she was worried about being pregnant after grinding too much at a junior high dance.” —u/TheDurtyBubble 2.“‘What do […]

17 Scary Wikipedia Stories About Lakes, Oceans, And Other Bodies Of Water For Mature Audiences Only

Warning: Some images in this post are potentially disturbing. Continue at your own risk. 1.The Salish Sea human foot discoveries. Since August of 2007, there have been at least 20 DETACHED human feet discovered off the coasts of British Columbia in Canada and Washington state in the US. There are a ton of theories as […]