Watch Bassist Tal Wilkenfeld Perform Two Tracks on ‘Kimmel’

Watch Bassist Tal Wilkenfeld Perform Two Tracks on ‘Kimmel’

Bass virtuoso Tal Wilkenfeld has spent her career performing with musicians like Jeff Beck, Prince, Herbie Hancock and Eric Clapton, but she’s now stepping out on her own. The musician took the stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live to unveil two solo numbers, “Corner Painter” and “Killing Me.”

On “Corner Painter,” from her recent album Love Remains, Wilkenfeld puts aside the bass in favor of an acoustic guitar and offers up a moody rock number that has tinges of both Tori Amos and Tool. For “Killing Me,” the musician grabs her bass for an emotional number with similarly moody tones.

Wilkenfeld finished her album nearly four years ago and since opened for The Who on tour. She’s currently performing in the U.S. and will head to Japan in August for Billboard Tokyo Live.

“I just have to let it be what it is, and just continue to evolve as a musician, and let things flow,” Wilkenfeld recently told Rolling Stone of her aims with Love Remains. “I had hopes for myself as a person, and I’m sure that that will filter into the music that I make. I’m very focused on my spiritual, emotional, and mental growth, for instance, and that’s something that I’ve always been very passionate about, and likely always will be. I meditate every day, and I just want to continue to evolve as a person, and I hope that my music will reflect that.”

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