The awful thing Ellen DeGeneres made Mariah Carey do on her show

The awful thing Ellen DeGeneres made Mariah Carey do on her show

As viewers learn more about the allegedly toxic workplace culture behind The Ellen DeGeneres Show, stories of the talk show host’s questionable behavior have begun to resurface to underscore the show’s less-than-stellar track record. For instance, Redditors have focused in on how comedian Ellen DeGeneres practically forced singer Mariah Carey to confess her pregnancy, even as she hesitated to do so on-air (per Mirror UK).

Prior to Carey’s 2008 appearance on DeGeneres’s show, tabloids were overrun with rumors that the pop sensation was pregnant with her first child. However, once DeGeneres got her in the hot seat, the “Hero” singer refused to confirm or deny her status. That’s when DeGeneres pulled out her secret weapon.

“Let’s toast to you not being pregnant if you’re not pregnant,” the host said as she poured two glasses of champagne. “Don’t discuss that. This is peer pressure,” Carey replied. But DeGeneres persisted as she coaxed Carey to sip from the flute. When Carey was caught pretending to take a sip, DeGeneres and the audience erupted in applause under the assumption that Carey’s reluctance also served as confirmation of her pregnancy.

However, DeGeneres’s shady methods took on an even more sinister tone when Carey had a miscarriage mere weeks after the interview — an experience she didn’t reveal until she announced she was pregnant with twins in 2010. “I either talk or I hibernate,” she told Access Hollywood (via ABC News). And this time, the reveal was her choice.

Mariah Carey's miscarriage took her to a 'dark and difficult' place

When singer Mariah Carey announced that she and her former husband Nick Cannon were expecting twins, the star also revealed that she’d suffered a miscarriage on the path to parenthood. “It kind of shook us both and took us into a place that was really dark and difficult,” Carey told Access Hollywood (via ABC News). “When that happened… I wasn’t able to even talk to anybody about it. That was not easy.”

She later told the Daily Mail that, while she was delighted to discover she was pregnant shortly after she and Cannon got married, her dreams were dashed when as ultrasound revealed her miscarriage the day she and Cannon were set to travel to Aspen, Colorado to celebrate Christmas with friends.

“I was going to tell them I was pregnant and make little baby ornaments with them because obviously I didn’t know [what had happened] until the scan,” she explained. “That was a difficult Christmas. It was huge. There are really no words and it’s difficult to talk about. That was the lowest point for me,” Carey noted. “I wasn’t sure why it happened. I was working on ‘Touch My Body’ so I was very thin and working out a lot. I didn’t know you had to stop exercising and stop doing yoga when you’re pregnant. Nobody told me these things.” 

That’s why she wanted “to hold on to a shred of privacy” the second time around, per ABC News. And we can’t blame her!

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