Ricky Gervais had tense showdown with bulked-up bully at gym for hogging machine

Ricky Gervais had tense showdown with bulked-up bully at gym for hogging machine

Ricky Gervais tackled a muscle-bound bully at his gym.

He stepped in when the beefcake selfishly hogged a machine his partner Jane Fallon wanted.

Ricky said: “Everyone in that gym came up to me and said, ‘He’s always here. He’s an absolute f****ing a**hole. He does this all the time.

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“So he had two or three machines going and he left his stuff on both.

“And I was waiting and then Jane went and he jumped in the way and I thought, 'f***ing hell he is an a**hole'.

“So I went on it, he came over and Jane was on next. And I got off and he looked at Jane and said, ‘You can go after me.’”

The men got into a row before the hunk claimed there were no rules about using the kit.

Ricky said: “I went, ‘No rules.. what about for politeness? And I went if there’s no rules, there isn’t space either.’

“So he went over to the other machine furious.”

The Brit, on Sirius Xm to promote his Netflix special Armageddon, said: “When he got off that machine, I got on it and it was a leg machine.

“I put it on the lowest weight so I can do a thousand – I was there so long I couldn’t f***ing walk the next day.

“It was my only get out. He grabbed his stuff and went, ‘you people are so rude’.”

This comes after the comedian gave fans a hilarious response when they begged for him to host this year's Oscars.

The star has previously hosted the Golden Globe ceremonies in the past which have gone down swimmingly.

However, Jimmy Kimmel hosted this year's star-studded ceremony but some of his jokes weren't as well received as well, including his joke about Nobel Peace prize winner Malala which fell flat.

Ricky's fans took to Twitter to argue that Ricky would have been a better host.

One fan said: " “RT if you wish @rickygervais was hosting the #Oscars tonight,” they said, sharing a compilation of Gervais’ best moments, with the tweet racking up more than 1,800 retweets and hundreds of quote tweets.

A second added: "I would take Ricky Gervais over Jimmy Kimmel any day of the week.”

However, Ricky hilariously responded with: "F*** that."


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