Real Housewife Dawn Ward had ‘too many glasses of wine’ before row, court told

Real Housewife Dawn Ward had ‘too many glasses of wine’ before row, court told

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward tearfully told a courtroom she “doesn’t see race” and had "no idea" two men accusing her of anti-Semitism were Jewish.

Ward sobbed as she claimed online trolls have targeted her daughters in the wake of the court case which took place on Tuesday, March 22.

The wife of ex-Premier League footballer Ashley Ward, said she has been accused of "hiding her racism" by allowing her daughter Taylor Ward to marry and have a child with Manchester City star Riyad Mahrez.

Giving evidence at her trial this afternoon, she denied calling brothers Jake and Sam Jacobs "Jewish c***s" in October 2019.

Ward, 48, told the court: "I don't see anyone's race, religion or anything like that. I see people as people."

The court was also told a small packet of cocaine was found in a box of cigarettes in Ward’s handbag – but she denied knowing about the drugs and claims they were left over from a party at her house.

Ward denies racially aggravated intentional harassment and possession of cocaine.

The court was told the Jacobs brothers were standing at a customer services point in London Euston station asking why trains had been delayed when they were approached by Ward.

Ward allegedly said: "Why do you lot always complain" and then shouted "Jewish c***”.

The reality star admitted having "too many glasses of wine" at the Ritz before arriving at the station, telling jurors she was in a "giddy mood" and was heading on holiday the next morning.

Ward said: "Jake Jacobs was raising his voice to the lady at customer service.

"I stupidly poked my nose in and said something along the lines of 'Bloody hell leave her alone it's not her fault, we are all in the same boat'."

She told the court that she "should have kept her nose out", before adding that she "wouldn't have a clue what religion he was".

Ward added: "It didn't even enter my mind. He was saying about my Botox face and throwing insults.”

Ward then made a patting gesture to the bottom of her jaw to indicate how she had touched Jake Jacobs and said she told him: "At least I'm going home first class".

She added: "That's when he went from zero to 100."

Ward was also asked about a small bag of cocaine found in a cigarette packet in her handbag.

She denied knowing it was there and claimed her housekeepers put packets of cigarettes found after charity events at her home into oven gloves.

Ward told the court that she has multiple charity events each year and when the housekeepers clean up they regularly put the cigarettes into the oven gloves.

Ward said she will sometimes smoke if she's going into London and asked the housekeeper for a packet of cigarettes, but hadn't opened them while she was out.

When asked why there would be drugs in a packet of cigarettes from a charity event, Ward said: "No idea."

Prosecutor Gregory Wedge asked Ward if she was "lying" to jurors when she said the group had made up the allegations, and said she behaved in an "aggressive, violent and racist way".

Becoming tearful, the mother-of-four said: "No."

Speaking about the impact on her family, Ward said she received messages including "Rot in hell" and "You should be ashamed" after news of the charges broke.

Lisa Judge, defending Ward, said: "It's been suggested your daughter's a prostitute, she's married and had a baby with a Muslim to hide your racism."

Ward said: "It's terrible. It's bad enough for me but the biggest part for me is when they say it to the girls."

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