Peter Andre admits he wanted daughter Princess to ‘be a nun and never see boys’

Peter Andre admits he wanted daughter Princess to ‘be a nun and never see boys’

Peter Andre has revealed he wanted his daughter Princess to be a "nun" and never talk to boys when she was younger.

The I'm a Celebrity star, 48, admitted he was a rather strict parent with his daughter Princess – who is now 13 – back in the day and didn't want to let her mix with any boys to protect her.

Peter, who shares Princess with his ex-wife Katie Price, appeared with his son Junior, 16, for a recent interview with the Sunday Mirror's Notebook magazine about him and Junior's amazing bond.

Peter also shares Junior with Celebrity Big Brother star Katie, and the two live at Pete's home with his doctor wife Emily, 31, Princess, and Pete and Emily's two children called Amelia, 7, and four-year-old Theo.

Speaking with the Mirror alongside Junior to chat about family and fatherhood, Peter discussed how tricky parenting can be, including how strict he's been in the past with his now-teenage girl Princess.

On the issue of how strict he's been as a dad, Peter said: "If I’ve ever been harsh I always say sorry. I think I’ve let the reins go a bit. When Princess was younger I used to say she’s going to be a nun and I’ll never let her meet up with boys.

He continued that now she's older, he's more lenient and gives her more freedom to socialise: "Now she’s 13 she asks to meet up with friends, both girls and boys, and of course I let her."

However, Junior was quick to insist that Peter is "way more lenient" as a dad with Princess these days that he was with him at her age.

Junior claimed he wasn't allowed to take his phone up to his room to do homework but his sister is, and that he previously had to go private on Instagram when he visited his dad's house whereas Princess is able to go public on the social media website.

Peter then chimed in by saying Princess has been "very good with her phone" at home and leaves it downstairs all night, and that they also came to a compromise regarding her public Instagram by agreeing to keep her account public if the comments were turned off.

Understandably wanting to protect his kids, Peter declared he wanted them both to have private accounts on the platform until they were 14 so he could check he was happy with what they were posting.

Earlier this month, Peter surprised Princess with an incredible dolphin swimming experience whilst they were on holiday in Portugal.

In a sweet clip of the event posted to his YouTube channel, Peter said: “My lovely daughter Princess has always dreamed of swimming with dolphins and I was supposed to do it for her birthday last year but it didn’t happen because of lockdown and everything."

In Junior's recent interview with his dad, he said the pair enjoy a good, strong and respectful relationship, and that they both know where the line is with each other.

Dad-of-four Peter then went on to discuss how his relationship with his kids – including Junior – is great and that he's reaches the stage with his son where they can go out for coffee and have a nice time together.

Clearly a very proud dad, he said Junior has a heart of gold and that he's a beautiful kid.

This comes after Pete and Junior appeared together in the Mirror for a family-themed feature and photoshoot to mark Father's Day this weekend (20 June).

Junior, who looks to be following somewhat in his father's footsteps in terms of an entertainment career, has just been accepted into his first choice of college to study acting, and Peter saying he's "very proud of him".

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