‘Patsy Palmer may be in Malibu but she’s no Kardashian’ says Ryan-Mark Parsons

‘Patsy Palmer may be in Malibu but she’s no Kardashian’ says Ryan-Mark Parsons

It’s been a tough week for Good Morning Britain, not only are they dealing with the departure of their biggest star, Piers Morgan, they’ve also been faced with record Ofcom complaints and a diva strop.

Come on, let’s give them a break. Following Piers’ acerbic remarks on Meghan Markle, Ofcom were inundated with complaints exceeding 57,000 – making it the most complained about show in British broadcasting history.

Meghan and Harry even called the watchdog; at least it gave them something interesting to do, looking after the rescue chickens can be dull, guys.

You’ve got to ask yourself, why? Piers spoke honestly about the Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah, he wasn’t being racist. Yet, he surpassed the record previously set by Shilpa Shetty’s 2007 appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, involving an actual racist incident.

In his words: “The World’s Gone Nuts!”

The extent to which social media has changed the game and yields such great influence over traditional broadcasting platforms is eye-opening.

Specifically, a trend that started on Twitter calling for people to report the firebrand broadcaster to Ofcom.

I have no doubt this was one of the major reasons Piers’ rant has made history. This would upset most people, but I’m pretty sure Piers has already framed the headline somewhere in his townhouse.

Amongst the complaints chaos, GMB has suffered its worst ratings since Piers Morgan’s exit, losing 40% of its viewers in one week with BBC Breakfast leading the war by 1million viewers.

No chance of closing the gap without the entertainment, a reality GMB need to come to.

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It’s wearisome. The presenters are drab, including Susanna Reid who still needs to let loose more, stop with the left of centre BBC persona, otherwise you might as well switch to BBC One in the mornings.

We need someone bold, loud, hilarious, and isn’t afraid of pushing the boundaries. Can anyone feel Piers’ boots? Doubt it.

But it’s certainly not Ben Shephard, who’s been putting people to sleep as opposed to waking them up.

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The biggest noise from the show this week came from Patsy Palmer… (says a lot).

The former EastEnders actress, now living it up in Malibu, appeared on the morning show looking more sour than a trout. From the get-go it looked like she was being held hostage… maybe crack a smile, darling? Sitting there with a dog in lap without a shred of enthusiasm; it had all the symptoms of a car crash celebrity interview and hideous James Bond villain impression.

You would think the Californian crystals, gorgeous coastline, and endless celery juice would put these stars in a better mood – apparently not.

The actress took issue with “Addict to wellness guru” displayed on the screen, despite the fact her book included “Me, Love And Addiction”.

I’m sure she read of all her book, right… I’m not sure?

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She stormed off (closed her laptop screen) and called it doing “a Piers Morgan”… you mean dramatically leaving live TV for headlines? Yeah, well then you definitely did a "Piers Morgan".

It was so obvious she wanted to cause a stir and waited for the perfect the opportunity, which she took, and now the whole country is talking about Patsy for once.

Mission accomplished, you did your publicist proud. More bark than Bianca.

What is it with these UK celebs that migrate to the US?

They all suddenly become huge wet wipes. Just take a look at Prince Harry, ever since he’s left British shores he’s become more fragile than Prince Philip’s health.

Grow a backbone, do us all a favour, and shut up.

The end of the Kardashians… for now

Goodness, I’m not sure what was more seismic: the meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs or Kris Jenner pulling the plug on Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

It’s been a long 20 seasons, involving cheating scandals, million dollar robbery, big bums, and missing diamond earrings. What a show.

I’m gutted to see it go, and it appears the new Hulu deal won’t include a new reality series, with Kim announcing on her Instagram story: “We’re done, we’re never filming again."

But I’m seriously doubting it’s the last we’ll see of them on our TVs; I’m secretly hoping for Kim to replace Judge Judy once she becomes a lawyer.

Now, that would be golden.

Caroline Flack won’t be forgotten

In an emotional Channel 4 documentary, Caroline Flack’s life was laid bare and it was difficult to see someone so full of passion come to an end in the worst way imaginable.

Her family and friends spoke about Caroline’s struggles in love, media backlash, as well as discussing the highs in her life that made her so special to millions of people. We saw headlines once again, and striking insights into Caroline’s reactions told by family to remarks made by the likes of Graham Norton and Lorraine Kelly.

Of course, social media users are now using Caroline as a vehicle to stop any kind of criticism, ignoring the fact celebrities rely on the media just as much as they may despise it.

Caroline’s rise to fame, particularly the interests in her love affairs, was supported by the tabloids and accusing journalists of having "blood on their hands" by hypocritical Twitter trolls, is unfair.

Let’s encourage people to speak and be open with each other, sometimes the British stiff upper lip can do more harm than good.

Caroline was a fabulous presenter, someone I remember watching years ago on CBBC, and she’s someone I won’t forget.

Billie Eilish is a record-breaking blonde

Black and green is so 2020.

The teenage singer is now rocking blonde and the announcement has broken records, reaching one million likes in the least amount of time on Instagram.

To her fans, this wasn’t a big surprise.

In a recent Apple documentary, she hinted at a “new era” and her hairdo signalled this latest pop movement.

Do I care? No. But apparently millions of people do, and good for them.

I’m sure if I change my hair colour colour to blonde, if it were possible, I might receive at least one thousand dislikes, but I’m good with that.

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