Martin Kemps sex confessions – toe-sucking, X-rated snaps and manhood bombshell

Martin Kemps sex confessions – toe-sucking, X-rated snaps and manhood bombshell

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Martin Kemp skyrocketed to fame as the bassist in new wave band Spandau Ballet before joining beloved TV soap EastEnders as bad boy Steve Owen.

The Highbury-born star, who turns 60 on October 10, saw great success with his pop rock band, after being invited into the music scene by his guitarist brother, Gary.

They sold a whopping 25 million albums in the 1980s and four UK album chart top ten albums.

It’s no surprise that the multi-talented star continued to light up our screens and become one of the UK's most beloved household names.

Despite being a successful musician and actor, Martin is also a devoted father to son Roman and daughter Harley, and is married to talented singer Shirlie, who was a backup singer for English pop duo, Wham!

As the loveable star celebrates his 60th birthday, Daily Star has taken a look back at some of his raciest confessions, and boy there’s plenty to choose from.

Gogglebox Gags

Martin and son Roman regularly welcome fans into their lives and living rooms to share some intimate and hilarious moments.

The close father and son duo left fans gobsmacked on an appearance on Celebrity Gogglebox after they began discussing manscaping their private parts with one another.

Roman, 28, asked: "Do you manscape?" as Martin quickly replied: "Yeah!"

Martin went on to tell millions of viewers that he tidies up his private parts while “sitting on the loo”.

"That’s a game changer, you sit backwards on the toilet so you face the lid and then…" he added before making a shaving gesture.

Shocked fans commented on the hilarious chat, saying: "Sharing manscaping tips with his son. Modern day parenting at its best. #Gogglebox."

With a second joking: "Martin Kemp talking about shaving his pubes is turning me on sorry #Gogglebox."


Martin and his wife Shirlie have no qualms about embarrassing their kids on national television.

During an appearance on This Morning, the pair appeared to make a kinky reference to ‘toe sucking’ during a discussion about a school leaflet detailing how to love a partner without having sex.

The topic led the couple to make several intimate and hilarious comments. "The running the bath is sexual, the sucking the toes is sexual, it’s madness,” said Martin, much to the horror of his son, Roman.

“WHAT THE ACTUAL ARE MY PARENTS TALKING ABOUT ON THIS MORNING!!!!!” radio presenter Roman responded on Twitter.

Martin has also admitted earlier on the show that at one point he and Shirlie would host holistic healing circles in their living room with five shamans when a younger Roman once walked in and discovered the surprising scene.

Sex confession

Viewers were left cringing earlier this year as Martin Kemp's wife Shirlie admitted she'd rather watch TV than have sex.

The hilarious couple were appearing on Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow when they were asked what percentage of viewers would rather binge-watch TV than have sex as Shirley said: "I'd rather binge watch TV”.

Martin threw his hands up and pretended to walk off as Shirley laughed. Martin then continued the awkward conversation by explaining that they watch shows that have sex scenes, so hopefully he can score a bit of both.

"Well, some of the shows you watch do get you going and have a bit of 'how's your father'," said Martin.

Astounded, Alan asked: "What shows have you been watching – Naked Attraction?!"

Defending himself, Martin insisted: "Yeah, I was just saying you could end up with best of both worlds!"

Private snaps

Despite being forced apart during lockdown, Martin and son Roman shocked the public by revealing they had been sending each other pictures of random penises just to make each other laugh.

When asked whether they’re fans of sharing rude jokes, son Roman toldThe Mirror: “Yeah, we’re constantly sending each other funny things.”.

To which cheeky Martin replied: “Like pictures of willies,”– prompting Roman to quickly add: “Not my own willy!”

Martin then pointed out that the pair have the "same sense of humour" when it comes to their penchant for sharing crude snaps

Football over sex

During a sit down chat with OK! Online, Martin was asked about the one thing that puts a smile on his face “more than sex.”

Martin’s son initially shocked viewers with his response, saying: “It’s either football or it’s playing football but nothing makes me happier and smile more than that last minute goal. It’s better than sex, one hundred per cent.”

And dad Martin, also an Arsenal supporter, went along with the chat, adding: “Well yeah, what else makes you physically jump on the sofa and jump up and down and shout ‘yes, yes’!”

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