Love Islands Toby and Chloe wont last – he wont stay loyal out of the villa

Love Islands Toby and Chloe wont last – he wont stay loyal out of the villa

Guys, I can’t believe Love Island 2021 has come to an end and it’s my final column! I have enjoyed every bit of going along this journey with you all!

So let’s talk about last nights final episode, firstly how HOT did the guys look in their suits, wow!

Also, I couldn’t hold back my tears when Faye and Teddy made their declarations of love. I relate to Faye so much, she is hot-headed and fiery but I can just tell she has the best heart and she’s real. I find it so romantic that Teddy has been so patient with her and stuck by her!

As for Tyler and Kaz, I don’t know why I just can’t feel any emotions towards them as a couple.

I love Kaz on her own, but I just never trusted Tyler’s intentions fully, but I guess we will find out now that they are out of the villa, I’m so shocked that Tyler hasn’t even hit 100k followers and he’s been there for over 5 weeks!

And the winner Millie has 1 million which is still, if you compare that to the amount of followers contestants were getting in my series it’s crazy!

Goes to show how low the views have gotten, I do think that love island has become very repetitive and that it needs to be shaken up. Watching that final episode as well I thought come on! Give us something a little different, we literally knew what was going to happen next.

Let’s hope next year we get more diversity and a bit of a different structure to the show.

So who did you all vote for? Personally, I wanted Chloe and Toby to win. I loved watching them, they made me laugh and brought that entertainment we needed.

Can you imagine the show without them? I am happy for Millie and Liam but still, I thought it was just typical that they won.

As much as I love Chloe and Toby I don’t know how far they will get on the outside.

I know this is Toby's first relationship and he is so young, with the amount of attention he is going to get when he comes out, I will be surprised if he manages to stay loyal to Chloe.

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I also think the same when it comes to Liam, he will probably get the most attention and he lives so far away from Millie, I just don’t see how it is going to work? Unless they move in together.

I wish all the couples the best and am excited to see what the future holds for them. I’m sure the finalist girls will go on to do big things and their life is about to change. You walk into that villa living one life and come out to a completely different life.

I hope you enjoyed my column every week as much as I enjoyed writing it! Love stormi Anna x

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