James Acaster found out his girlfriend left him for Mr Bean by reading about it

James Acaster found out his girlfriend left him for Mr Bean by reading about it

Rowan Atkinson has returned to screens as he stars in the newly released Netflix film Man vs Bee.

The film, which has dropped on the streaming platform today, is an almost silent comedy that sees the actor pursued by a mischievous bee.

Atkinson is renowned for his role as Mr Bean, but in 2011 announced that he intended to retire from the role, telling the BBC: “I don't want him to particularly grow old.”

The comedy actor is now 67, but getting older hasn’t altered his dating life and Atkinson currently has a girlfriend who is 26 years younger than him.

His relationship with his girlfriend isn’t just controversial because of their age gap, but also because she left her partner, comedian James Acaster, to be with him.

Opening up about how the actor stole his girlfriend, James Acaster said he was a “goddamn saint” for keeping it a secret for so long.

He also revealed that he was constantly plagued with reminders of the split because of Rowan’s huge fame.

He said: “Until you get left for Mr Bean, you don’t realise how frequently he pops up.

"There’s a shop two streets from my house that sells masks of his face.

"There’s nowhere where I’m going to go that he’s not there.”

Unfortunately for James, it looks like he’s set to be reminded of the split yet again as Atkinson makes a return to film.

Here’s how the comedian found out that he’d been left for Mr Bean.

Who is Rowan Atkinson's girlfriend?

Rowan Atkinson’s girlfriend is 41-year-old actress and comedian Louise Ford.

Louise met Rowan in 2013 on the set of the West End play Quartermaine’s Terms.

They starred in the play together and went public with their relationship in 2014, shortly after Rowan split from his wife of 23 years.

The actor’s ex-wife Sunetra Sastry was granted a divorce on the grounds of Rowan’s "unreasonable behaviour".

In 2016, Rowan and Louise moved in together and a year later they welcomed their first daughter Isla Atkinson.

Atkinson already had two children from his previous marriage.

How did James Acaster find out that his girlfriend left him for Rowan Atkinson?

James Acaster revealed that he found out that his girlfriend had left him for Rowan Atkinson after reading it in the newspaper.

Speaking about how his girlfriend dumped him during a comedy sketch, James joked: “I got left for Mr Bean.

“I found out a year after we split up. I opened the newspaper and there was a full-page story. No one else in the history of time has ever been left for Mr Bean."

James opened up about how Louise had grown distant after starting the play with Rowan Atkinson in 2013.

The pair had been together for two years and were living together at the time but split that same year.

It wasn’t until six years later that James revealed the reason she’d left him, saying: “I’m a goddam saint to have kept this in the back pocket so long.

“It’s my job to say things that are funny and the funniest thing that’s ever happened to anyone, happened to me and I put it on the back-burner out of respect.”

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