Holly Willoughby hurt by sexist co-star who thought she was silly girl

Holly Willoughby hurt by sexist co-star who thought she was silly girl

TV star Holly Willoughby certainly hasn't left out any explosive detail when it comes to her new book Reflections.

The 40-year-old This Morning presenter described her anger after she'd been made to feel like a "silly little girl" by an unnamed co-star.

The mum-of-three explained she had been in her dressing room when the seemingly sexist incident took place.

Holly explained that she invested a lot of time and effort with getting her segment right when the unknown star arrived at her door to see if she "needed any help".

At first the daytime favourite had been flattered by the kind gesture until she swiftly realised her idea had been shot down.

The Dancing On Ice host felt "hurt" by the comments believing that she hadn't been taken seriously even though she had bags of experience on screens.

She wrote: "They went on to tell me that actually, they didn't agree; they thought it would be much better if it was done another way. Their way, funnily enough."

Dan Baldwin's wife commented: "I remember thinking; 'Wow, this is incredible, because I've clearly been thinking about this for a long time and have made a decision based on how I think it should go – and based on all my experience and capabilities as a presenter.

"And yet this person has just come in and undermined my confidence, based on what they think is a better way of doing things.’

"I felt sad that this person underestimated me so much, despite all of my experience."

Holly penned that she had also been "hurt" that the person in question hadn't even given a second thought to how "nervous and insecure" she might now feel about heading on stage totally unprepared.

As the rage began to "pulsate through her body", the starlet couldn't help but wonder if her talents had been overlooked by her co-star because she had been a female.

The ITV star said: "I don't believe that person would have gone into the dressing room of a male colleague and said the same thing."

She added: "Maybe at the heart of it, they just thought I was a silly little girl who didn't really know what she was doing.

"I've come to think that this might be my Achilles heel. When people don’t take you seriously, or have respect for you, it’s painful."

While the publication is incredibly personal to Holly, she explained in the opening chapter that there were many private details and "triggers" that she was not ready to share with readers yet.

In Holly's personal life she is happily married to husband Dan and they share children Harry, 12, Belle, 10, and Chester, seven.

The morning host is hoping that by sharing some of her experiences she will help others who may be going through challenging times.

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