Here Are Some of Billie Eilish’s Old Instagram Usernames

Here Are Some of Billie Eilish’s Old Instagram Usernames

Billie Eilish is the Grammy Award-winning artist behind the album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Before the release of Happier Than Ever, this artist changed her Instagram username from “wherearetheavocados.” 

However, the “Bad Guy” singer sported a few other usernames on the social media platform. Here’s what we know about Eilish’s old usernames. 

Billie Eilish’s old Instagram username was ‘wherearetheavocados’

She’s the artist behind songs like “Happier Than Ever,” “Bury a Friend,” and “You Should See Me in a Crown.” For several months, fans knew Eilish for her “quirky” Instagram username, “wherearetheavocados.”

“I made this grilled cheese once, I was in the kitchen, and I wanted some avocado,” the singer said during an interview with The Line Of Best Fit in 2017. “I was home alone, so I just screamed ‘where are the avocados,’ and I decided to make that my username, and here we are.”

She continued: “Now there are fan accounts like billiesavocados, herearetheavocados, therearetheavocados, and it’s just this random thing I thought of four years ago.”

About two years ago, fans even started a petition asking Eilish to return to her “wherearetheavocados” username. It earned almost 200 signatures in the process. It was this account that sparked fans to name themselves “avocados.” 

This username also gave insight into Eilish’s dietary habits. For years, the “Bury a Friend” artist has been a proud vegan, simultaneously advocating for animals and the environment with her music videos. 

Billie Eilish had several other Instagram names before landing on her avocado-themed account

Before her avocado-inspired (or lack of avocado-inspired) Instagram username, this artist had other animal and vegan-themed usernames for the social media platform. 

“I used to have a lot of cool usernames, I used to love horses and still do, but I was an equestrian for a while, so my username once was riderofthewind, which literally sounds like a fart joke, so I changed that,” she said during the same 2017 interview. “Then it was dead.cow for a long time which is weird because I’m vegan, and then it was disasterpiece, like masterpiece, but a disaster, pretty genius, right?”

What is Billie Eilish’s Instagram username in 2021?

As a Grammy Award-winning artist, it made sense that Eilish changed her Instagram username. As of 2021, her social media account can be found at “billieeilish” with her name on the platform being “BILLIE EILISH” in capital letters. 

There, the artist posts everything from her latest fashion inspirations to information regarding her music. Although she isn’t following anyone, Eilish has over 93 million followers and earns millions of likes on her posts. 

Music by Eilish, including the recently released album Happier Than Ever, is available on most major music streaming platforms. Fans can learn more about this artist on her social media platforms. 

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