Goggleboxs Woody Cook slams claims he got music career through famous parents

Goggleboxs Woody Cook slams claims he got music career through famous parents

Celebrity Gogglebox star Woody Cook may have played some of the biggest music festivals including Glastonbury but the music star says it's all on his own back.

The 23-year-old is the son of Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook) and BBC's Zoe Ball but the DJ and record label boss has found fame in his own right.

Since appearing on Channel 4's The Circle, he's gone on to amass his own fanbase thanks to his love of music and DJ'ing gigs across the world in places such as Ibizia.

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But while some assume Woody launched a career on the back of his parents' names, this is not the case.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, he said: "I've never felt in their shadows, a lot of people ask about it and they understand I'm inspired by them, I've got their genes and DNA and they raised me.

"I'm very much my own person, getting into the industry kind of happened by accident, I wanted to pursue something in music and I only picked up the desks in lockdown because of the lack of clubs.

"It led to me filling the void by not being able to go out clubbing by doing it myself and getting really invested in it."

He added: "I did a couple of gigs and they went really well and I delved into it, so much of it has been playing every single gig and someone books me for another, it's a snowball effect.

"A lot of people go 'Oh your dad got you that', maybe people were more inclined to book me because of that but every gig has been the consequence of a previous gig, it's been a very slow and gradual process."

Discussing performing at Glastonbury, he admits he wasn't too nervous but he became slightly anxious when he discovered his family were there.

"It was all riding on me because that festival means so much to me," he said before continuing: "All my friends and family were there, I came out of the giant tree I was playing at the end and there was this massive line up of people I knew.

"It was so overwhelming."

Woody is set to headline Mucky Weekender in September, which he's more than excited for, saying: "I think for me playing the set I'm going to play is very different to sets I've played at other places.

"I love reggae dub and I feel like there are not many places where I feel like it's appropriate for me to spin that type of stuff, it gives me a good excuse to put on my reggae dub.

Tickets for Mucky Weekender two day music & arts festival are available here.


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