Extreme Sisters stars share boyfriends, bath naked together and sleep entwined

Extreme Sisters stars share boyfriends, bath naked together and sleep entwined

Extreme Sisters stars have confessed to sharing bras and boyfriends with clips showing them taking naked baths together and sleeping with their “legs entwined”.

A new season of TLC’s Extreme Sisters is due to air later this month and fans of the channel have been left shocked by the behaviour of the siblings featured.

The official TLC Instagram account teased the trailer for the new season of Extreme Sisters and it did not disappoint.

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Different sets of sisters could be seen trying to get pregnant at the same time, marrying twin men, taking a naked bath sitting between each other's legs, licking each other’s teeth, sharing drinks and food, and sleeping in the same bed with their legs entwined.

One clip showed one of the sisters put her hand up her pregnant sibling’s vagina to feel the baby’s head as she exclaimed: “Oh my god, you’re so soft in there!”

In the caption, they wrote: “A sister’s love is priceless, but these ladies take it to the extreme. Their obsession with each other is over the top and so is the drama! Get ready, Extreme Sisters returns with a brand new season Monday, January 23 at 9/8c.”

Fans went wild in the comments after watching the teaser trailer and couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed.

Many were shocked at the “extreme sisters’” antics and flocked to share in their disbelief.

One fan asked TLC “where they find these people” while another said that they “need to see a psychiatrist”.

Another complained that they will be “passing” on the series as they consider the sister’s behaviour to be “borderline incest” and another fan simply suggested the siblings “get therapy”.

A disturbed fan commented: “This is just weird. I can’t get over the one sister licking the other’s teeth and the one sticking her fingers/hand inside the other to check her sister’s baby’s head. Like how is that now disturbing to anyone?”

Another wrote: “The Australian ones are just too much! I don’t care that they share a boyfriend, but their obsession with every little aspect of their life being identical is really out there!”

“I think they almost have to be going off script for the most part, their actions and the way they talk are too forced.”


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