Denise Van Outen vows to tone down sexy stage costumes after racy Cabaret show

Denise Van Outen vows to tone down sexy stage costumes after racy Cabaret show

Denise Van Outen has vowed to tone down her sexy outfits in the coming years in order not to risk embarrassing her daughter.

Denise, 46, will return to the stage at the end of the month when she kicks off the second run of all-star cabaret shows at Proud Embankment in central London.

Sexing up her look, Denise will don kinky fishnet suspenders and heels as part of a host of international performers.

Vamping up her image for the show's promo images alone, the Dancing On Ice star a push up lace corset and long black satin gloves as she gazes seductively down the lens.

Talking to Daily Star about her racy live comeback, Denise said: "The show itself is burlesque and it's sexy but it has also got some amazing performers from the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

"There is never a time you can wear something like I do in the show but because it is a costume, I'm like, 'I'm 47 in a few weeks so make the most of it before everything goes south'.

"I do love it. I wouldn't walk around normally in the day like that.

"You won't find me on Gogglebox in a pair of fishnets – put that way.

"By day on Gogglebox it's slippers and the sofa and by night it's fishnets and a mic.

"I know I'm not I'm by 20s any longer but I do like to keep myself being fit and healthy."

Despite revelling in her time in the spotlight, Denise admits she has given herself a cut-off point when she thinks she should tone down her stage outfits.

She continued: "There will be a cut off point though.

"I won't be wearing fishnets and parading around when I'm Madonna's age.

"Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's your choice, but I would like to think that now I can still do it and be relatively young.

"But when my daughter gets to her teenage years I can't imagine she would be wanting to see her mum parading round like that.

"I am very aware that she is going to be older and when she is at secondary school it will change.

"You can still be very sexy without having to be flaunting everything.

"Sexiness comes from your demeanour and how you present yourself."

She went on: "Obviously I'm in a costume and it's part of a show with a lot of sexy ladies and guys but I am aware one day she will not wanting mum to be like that.

"But for now it is fine and it is part of the show.

"Female bodies look amazing. With some of our performers it's like watching art. It's not about stripping. Burlesque is an art form."

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