Chrissy Teigen says she takes late son Jacks ashes on trips at kids insistence

Chrissy Teigen says she takes late son Jacks ashes on trips at kids insistence

Chrissy Teigen has revealed that she will take the ashes of her late son Jack with her on familytrips at the insistence of her two children.

Opening up to Scary Mommy, Chrissy described how daughter Luna, five, and her son Miles, three, have been dealing with the loss of their little brother, after Chrissy miscarried 20 weeks into her pregnancy last year.

The 35-year-old star admitted that she carries Jack’s ashes with them and that her two kids will ever give him a glass of water after their long journey.

She said: "Whether we go on a vacation or something, they always say, ‘Don't forget baby Jack.’ And then I have to pack him up.

“And then we get to where we’re going, they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, he must be thirsty.’ This might sound crazy to people, but they’ll put a little glass of water next to his little box of ashes. And they really love being a part of it.”

Chrissy also revealed that Luna and Miles have drawn baby Jack as an angel at school.

“At school when they draw things, they draw him as an angel. We talk about it a lot,” she said.

Chrissy explained that receiving their son’s ashes helped their children accept the loss of their brother.

She confessed that the kids had already become aware that something was wrong in the days leading up to the tragedy.

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“They saw the experience of the home ultrasounds and the nervousness of ‘This isn’t going well,’ explained Chrissy.

“Or it was me going to the bathroom, and Luna would be at the door when I came out, and she would say, ‘Are you bleeding still?’ She knew everything. So there was going to be no escaping it, even if I wanted to.

“We told them that we lost him, but it wasn't really until we got his ashes back, I think, that they started to be able to say, ‘OK, this happened. Here he is now. He didn’t make it.’

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“It was something for them to be able to put a story to, where we could say, ‘OK, Jack is in here and he is going to stay with us. And maybe one day we might release him. And he loves that we still think about him, and he loves that we’re still emotional about him, but more than anything, he loves that we talk about him. That makes him really excited and really happy.’

“So they know that he’s still very much a part of our lives.”

Chrissy said that her loss had caused her to have a lifestyle overhaul, admitting: “I needed to be shaken up, and I needed to be humbled

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"Before I had gotten pregnant with Jack, I wasn't living a healthy life. The way I was treating my body was not great, with the alcohol. I was the kind of person that made fun of working out and made fun of my friends that were obsessed with their CrossFit.

“I just wasn't reading my body well. So I feel like if I [had] got[ten] the chance to have him, I wouldn't have learned how precious life is and how precious my body is. Now I look at my body as something that I can't yell at and I can't be upset with.

“It's gotten through so much, and so much more than people even know. What it has persevered through has been incredible.”

Nowadays, the model feels more like a 'whole' person who loves going on staycations with her children and embracing the little things in life.

She said: “I just feel more like [a] complete, whole person. It's silly, but it's really the little things. I love listening to music, and I love driving my kids around and taking them for a little staycation, like I did this last weekend, and that wouldn’t have happened a year ago.

“I feel like I'm a better mom, I'm a better wife, and I'm a better friend. I love being a part of the world.”

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