Amanda Holden giggles as she makes cheeky shower sex blunder live on Heart Radio

Amanda Holden giggles as she makes cheeky shower sex blunder live on Heart Radio

Amanda Holden had fans in fits of laughter as she made a cheeky shower sex quip live on-air while recording her Heart Breakfast radio show.

She was presenting the show with Jamie Theakston at the time, as the pair settled in to discuss the latest quiz question raised on ITV reality show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

During one of the challenges on Wednesday night, the campmates had been asked what percentage of people face the wall while showering, and what percentage face outwards.

And Amanda and Jamie couldn’t resist picking up the conversation, as Jamie read aloud: "What percentage of Brits said that they face towards the shower when washing?"

Amanda puzzled over it for a moment before explaining: "When I first get in, I might go, ‘Oh yes, here it comes’, but then I think I turn around."

"So you’re facing towards the shower to begin with?" Jamie wondered.

Which is when Amanda chimed in: "Well, only for sex, like…"

Jamie collapsed into a fit of giggles as Amanda quickly tried to explain that she’d simply made a blunder, insisting: "Only for a little bit. Only for seconds, I said! Seconds!"

Still giggling, Jamie said: "What you do in the shower is your own business. I just want to know whether you’re facing the shower or whether you’re facing…"

Through her own laughter, Amanda joked: "My husband will be like, ‘She blinking doesn’t!’ Anyway! Then I turn around and I like the water on my back."

The last comment sent Jamie back into giggles, but Amanda pushed through, determined to finish the discussion.

"But then there’s always one spray that goes off on its own little journey, so then I turn back around and try and get rid of the limescale."

Jamie replied: "Do you know what, I’m very similar!"

"Yeah, we’re similar, aren’t we?" Amanda agreed.

But the blonde beauty certainly isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself, as she reposted the clip to her Instagram page with the caption: "I can’t believe I just said this live on @thisisheart" – including a cheeky aubergine emoji and a shower-head emoji.

Her fans were creased at the waist as one commented: "My fave clip so far! Double bend and drop!"

"Passion can drive you crazy, but is there any other way to live?" someone else posted.

And a third cheekily quipped: "Now we know!!", while another fan echoed: "Brilliant, there’s always one!"

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