Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign

Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign

You don’t need to be a tarot card pro to get your cards read. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality.

Basically, if your bank account is not ready for a full tarot reading just yet, this one should help tide you over for now!


Love is in the air, people! The Two of Cups is one of the tarot’s most potent “love” cards, signaling the start, or progression, of relationships that are mutually beneficial, supportive and passionate–the whole package. So celebrate your current relationships and toast the people who’ve got your back and make you smile. And be open to mingling! Get out there, smile, and say hi. This week, let’s all make new friends–whether they’re platonic or end up being something more.


Creativity is your theme of the week! It’s a good time to start learning something new, which helps you to express yourself. The Page of Cups is an imaginative and fun-loving student who loves to learn, explore, and see the magic in everything. What inspires you? Identify it, and seek ways to do more of it, ideally through some kind of education opportunity. School’s in, Aries.


News about work is likely, with the Page of Wands winging your way this week. Some new opening or opportunity to showcase what you’re good at (even if it comes dressed as a major crisis to fix) comes your way. Seize the moment, and turn it around to your advantage. A little bit of creative license is required, as well as some embellishment and showmanship. Work IS a stage, you know, we’re all performing for someone, somehow. This week, see the workplace as your theater, and put on a good show!


Boldness is what’s asked of you over the next seven days, Gemini. The King of Wands is a risk-taker and knows that even if the initial outcome goes awry, well, it’s worth it to go on trying. Keep leaping till you find the right spot! Say “yes” all week long. React with instinct rather than intellect. See how far a little opportunism, spontaneity and risky business can take you –you’ll be surprised!


This is a powerful card of transformation and change. Whatever your current status quo is, expect it to have shifted by next Monday!The trick is to get ahead of the curve and be the doer v.s. the done-to, so pick a pivot point on that wheel and push! Just one change can kickstart a chain reaction, and you’d want to be the one deciding how that unfolds, right? So get to it. Push the wheel!


What’s happening in your love life, Leo? I ask because it’s about to heat up, intensely! Someone new is on the horizon (or, if you’re happily attached, a new era for your love lies ahead.) The key to activating this is to seek new things this week–be that activities, places, or people. Shake up your routine, deliberately go looking for new landscape, consciously make an effort to make new connections. You’ll be amazed at what (or rather, who) you discover!


You’re going to be vindicated in a situation which has proven to be difficult and even unfair. You know you’re in the right, but it’s hard to make others see that. Virgo, don’t bother. You can only look after yourself (and let karma take care of everything else). Other people have their own opinions and you can’t change them. Play nice, and trust this will be resolved this week, in your favor.


Identify and draw forth a natural talent you possess, Libra. The Magician is a wonderful card about entrepreneurship, self-employment, and bringing something new to the world by using your talents to make some sweet $$. Whatever ideas or inspirations you harbor, this is THE week to start bringing them to life. Invest in training, take the first step, make a plan. You’ve got this!


Money makes the world go around, or so they say. Maybe, maybe not, but you sure like to have control over yours. Focus on your financials this week, Scorpio, and make some positive changes. Maybe it’s about paying off some debt, being stricter with your saving, starting a new investment, or just resisting the urge to treat yourself a lil too hard. It sounds boring, but future-you will thank you!


I know you’re a social soul, and this week’s overall card advises us all to get out and mingle, but make sure you schedule some alone time too. The Hermit recommends a period of solitude, away from any distractions, to let your mind and spirit catch up with recent events. You’re a philosophical soul, and there are life lessons and new plans to be derived, but it can only happen in peace and quiet. Give yourself that space this week.


Something from the past still leaves you with lingering grief, shame, or rage. It’s over, my friend, so let yourself off the hook. The Five of Cups asks you to consciously identify this event and the leftover emotions, accept the role you played, and then turn your gaze away from it. If you stare at the past, you’ll miss opportunities ahead. Let this go.


The theme of the Page of Coins is education, so use this week to identify something you wish to learn or improve your skills in, and make a move to make that happen. It could be a course or class, a workshop or forum, or just buying a book about a topic that really interests you. Whatever you invest in here will prove to be worthwhile down the line, so get to it!


The Devil is a powerful tarot card about addictions, bad habits, and repeat patterns we long to break free of. There’s an area in your life where you keep walking down the path of least resistance, and you wish you could change that. Well, this week represents the opportunity to do just that. Consciously decide where you wish to make that change, and put steps in place to help you deviate away from complacency, and start a new (and much better) journey.

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