You can buy an air freshener that makes your car smell like Lotus Biscoff spread

You can buy an air freshener that makes your car smell like Lotus Biscoff spread

Who isn’t a Lotus Biscoff fan these days?

After all, the caramel-ly, delicious Lotus biscuits are enjoyable in every form from ice cream, to spread and especially on the side of a coffee.

And, they smell almost as good as they taste (almost).

But, would you want your car to smell like Lotus Biscoff biscuits all the time?

The new “Biscoff Carfume” makes it a real possibility that you can enjoy the scent in your car – without the calories – whenever you’re driving.

Living the dream, no?

Would you want this tasty-smelling air freshener in your car? Tell us in the comments section…

And, the deliciously perfumed air freshener is even half rice right now as part of an introductory offer, reports Tyla.

You can get the scented delight in red and white like the iconic Biscoff packaging and it will last up to four weeks.

The scent is described as “sweet, indulgent and totally divine” and it’s layered with notes of lemon rind, ginger, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar and nutmeg.

Plus, you can buy refills online and all the products are vegan – yay!

The car air freshener launches on Friday, 28 May.

It will be available with 50% off as part of a special introductory bank holiday offer.

And, it’s cheap as chips for £5.99, instead of the usual £11.99.

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The website behind the incredible air freshener, Carfume, also has plenty of other scents to choose from including baked bread and chocolate cookies.

Oh, and there’s also espresso martini, rhubarb gin, pear drops, sherbet lemons and love hearts.

Plus, don't forget about the Mini Egg scent!

The air fresheners are stylishly presentedand are made of wood, coloured glass and twine which hangs over your rear view mirror.

Head to to get one.

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