World’s hottest gran shares anti-ageing secrets that help her look years younger

World’s hottest gran shares anti-ageing secrets that help her look years younger

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Gina Stewart is famous for her age-defying looks.

The 50-year-old model is often mistaken for being years younger, which is why she’s been dubbed the “world’s hottest gran”.

She boasts more than 299,000 followers on Instagram – and many are desperate to know how she turns back the clock.

Gina, who lives on the Gold Coast, Australia, is more than happy to share her anti-ageing secrets.

This week, she’s given fans advice to look “ten years younger in ten days”.

Her advice includes eating a healthy diet, being active, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water. Check out her top tips below…

1. Cut back on sugar

Gina says reducing her sugar intake has helped her to look years younger.

Not only has this helped her to combat bloating, it’s also improved her skin too.

She said: “After 10 days without sugar in my diet my face looks amazingly better, tighter, toned and less puffy.

“My skin feels clearer and brighter and my wrinkles seem less pronounced.”

The NHS warns that adults shouldn’t be eating more than 30g of “free sugars” a day, which is equivalent to seven sugar cubes.

It adds: “Eating too much sugar can make you gain weight and can also cause tooth decay.”

2. Swerve processed foods

Gina makes sure to reduce the amount of processed foods she consumes – and even cuts back on bread and pasta.

While you don’t need to be as strict with your diet, it’s worth noting that it’s often healthier to whip up home cooked meals than going down the convenience route.

This way, know exactly what’s going into meals so can make sure they’re balanced.

The NHS explains: “Not all processed foods are unhealthy but some processed foods may contain high levels of salt, sugar and fat…

“You have no control over the amount of salt, sugar and fat in processed food but you do have control over what you to choose to buy.

“Reading nutrition labels can help you choose between processed products and keep a check on fat, salt and sugar content.”

3. Don’t overeat

Make sure you are in a calorific deficit if you’re looking to slim down.

Gina recommends eating plates of protein like salmon or chicken with vegetables.

She also eats plenty of fresh fruit and avoids fast food.

The glam gran recommended: “Keep food portions to a smaller size.

“Stay clear of French fries and chips.”

4. Drink plenty of water and swerve alcohol

Gina recommends: “Drink eight glasses or two litres of water daily.

“Either straight water or green tea etc. Drink clean… no alcohol.”

Drinking water can help with anti-ageing as it can help you to maintain a healthy weight and aids nutrient absorption.

Dermatologists also say plenty of fluids help your skin to look fresher and more energised.

Gina’s point about monitoring alcohol intake is also important.

According to the NHS, men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis.

5. Stay active

Gina said: “I do 10,000 steps a day to help with weight loss…

“It’s also great for overall cardiovascular health.

“I try to walk in the morning before I eat for optimum weight loss.”

The NHS tells adults to do “some type of physical activity every day”.

This should total 150 of moderate intensity activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity a week.

6. Weight train

Gina says working on your strength can help you to feel and look amazing.

She said: “(I do) daily weight bearing exercise to strengthen and tone during the 10 days.

“It’s a great way to look good.”

7. Rest up

Gina said: “Sleep is so important. Get eight hours solid sleep a night.”

The NHS agrees that it’s important to rest up.

Its website adds: “Most adults need between 6 and 9 hours of sleep every night.

“By working out what time you need to wake up, you can set a regular bedtime schedule.”

8. Skincare

Many celebs stick to a skincare regime in a bid to turn back the clock.

And for Gina, there’s one product she can’t live without.

She advised: “Moisturise face and body after a shower with natural products daily to keep skin supple and hydrated.”

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9. Dress to impress

After working hard to make your day to day life healthier, it’s time to treat yourself to some new clobber.

Gina said: “Buy yourself a new outfit, get a haircut etc as a reward.”

Confidence can work wonders for looking younger than you are too!

10. Think positive

Whenever you’re making changes to your lifestyle, it’s important to stay focused on goals.

Don’t punish yourself over slip-ups and try to maintain an upbeat attitude.

Gina added: “Think positive. The power to achieve is in the mind. You can do it!”

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