Woman says life is a lie after spotting small symbol on potato packaging

Woman says life is a lie after spotting small symbol on potato packaging

A woman sparked a debate when she found a small symbol on a bag of potatoes and got confused by it.

Beth King was convinced that she has never seen the logo before and even questioned if it's a "new" rule to how you're supposed to store the vegetables.

Posting on TikTok, she shows her bag of white spuds and zooms in on a blue logo on the corner. Underneath it says "at home, store below 5°C".

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"Surely no? Does anyone else keep their potatoes in the fridge? Is this new? Is my whole life a lie?" Beth asked.

"Maybe I've been living under a rock but I always thought they belonged in a dark cupboard?"

The comments section was flooded with "cupboard vs fridge" opinions from TikTokers.

One said: "I've never met anyone that kept their potatoes in the fridge."

A second shared: "Potatoes need to be kept in a cool, dark place. But I literally threw them in a cupboard."

"Who has that much fridge space?" a third asked. "I always put them in the cupboard."

But others explained why putting potatoes in a fridge is a better choice.

A woman wrote: "I always keep my potatoes in the fridge and it lasts for months and doesn't sprout."

"Never had a problem with mine in the fridge! Been doing it for decades!" a foodie commented.

Storing potatoes in the fridge may cause the starch to turn into sugar and give a sweet flavour to the vegetables, but they have a longer shelf life than putting them in room temperature.

A chef even gave tips on the best possible ways to store the potatoes.

She wrote: "To best store, keep them loosely covered in a paper bag, mesh bag, or cardboard box to provide good air circulation.

"Be sure to keep them away from your onions, which may be stored nearby, as the moisture from potatoes will cause the onions to spoil faster."


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