Woman edits pics to become different person – showing how fake social media is

Woman edits pics to become different person – showing how fake social media is

A woman reminded people that social media is "fake" by showing how easy it is to edit photos – and they make her look like a "whole different person".

Katharina posted a series of snaps for her 18,000 TikTok followers – some of which have been doctored in using FaceApp.

With many people online often appearing to look ‘perfect’ without a ‘flaw’ in sight, it can leave some feeling insecure.

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But the TikToker has reassured that the perfection you see might not be so real after all.

In a clip that has racked up a massive 3.5 million views, the brunette beauty claimed: “Reminder that social media is fake.”

Katharina first shared a photo where her skin appeared to be unblemished and her lips, voluminous.

She also had a light coat of makeup on and thick textured hair.

However, this snap of Katharina was not real.

It was in fact an edit which totally changed her appearance.

Katharina revealed the before photo – and although she looked absolutely stunning naturally, a lot of her features had changed.

Her hair and lips had less volume, a couple of pimples were present and she was not wearing any makeup.

The babe then shared more before and after photos were she was able to shrink her waist and even paint on a smile – when in reality she had a blank expression.

Katharina was even capable of sculpting her face, changing her eye colour and giving herself a new blonde curly hairdo on the editing app.

She included the hash tag "beauty standards are fake" in the caption of her damning video.

Gobsmacked at the ease of altering snaps, many people fled to the comments to share their shock – and they praised Katharina for shining light on the issue.

One person gasped: “That's a whole different person.”

Another user added: “It’s crazy how social media brainwashes us to believe everyone except us is flawless and corresponds 100% to beauty standards.”

While a third person voiced: “You look so much better without that filter believe me.”

Someone else praised: “Thanks for the reminder honey!”

Meanwhile, a fifth user declared: “Naw those are completely different people. This is too much!”


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