Woman defies trolls who told her she got fat by sharing unedited snaps of body

Woman defies trolls who told her she got fat by sharing unedited snaps of body

A body positive influencer who overcame an eating disorder has inspired her followers by sharing unposed and unedited photos of herself on Instagram.

Danielle Logan, 24, from Scotland, is an online coach and content creator whose relationship with her body has been a struggle over the years.

Now she motivates people online by sharing realistic photos of her body.

While she receives trolling now more than ever before, she doesn’t let it get her down.

She exclusively told Daily Star: “[I’m trolled] so much more since I have started posting all about body positivity!

“I often get comments trying to disprove my statements, for example, people trying to claim hip dips can be completely ‘solved’ through exercises or my lower stomach fat is actually a serious health risk.

“I also get a lot of comments saying my body during my eating disorder was more attractive and I have just gotten fat. I could go on!

“No matter what I post, there is always going to be people that are against what I say or try to put me down…

“I am so glad these kinds of comments don’t get to me as much as they use to because I know it is nothing to do with me and more to do with them.”

Danielle became a part of the body positivity movement when she started posting photos of vegan food on Instagram.

She eventually started showing her face more, which her followers seemed to enjoy, and as time went on she started sharing workouts and psychology-related posts.

“Then one day I decided to step out of my comfort zone and share my recovery and weight gain photos in March 2021,” she shared.

“This got a huge amount of responses and I could see that this was something that was not widely spoken about on social media.

“Then, at the end of 2021, I had sort of hit a wall, I didn’t feel good posting the content I posted and I wasn’t getting much engagement or followers.

“So, I sat down with myself and thought, what would I want to see from a fitness influencer who has recovered from an ED?

"Reality sprung to mind.

She added: “I would want to see the truth, I want to show people you can be fit and healthy but not have rock-hard abs and minimal body fat.

"I wanted to show people that ED recovery isn’t just about being at a healthier weight, it is about self-acceptance and self-love too!”

So, this year Danielle stepped out of her comfort zone and became a body-positive fitness influencer.

Now she is driven to make her Instagram a safe and positive space for all.

Danielle wants to help those who may be struggling with their own bodies and negative self-talk, to which she has shared her advice.

“Think about what you currently struggle with then think about what your 80-year-old self would say to you,” she recommended.

“Would they be proud of the way you are speaking to yourself? Would they wish you wore that bikini? I am sure they would want you to truly live your life and be true to yourself.

“Also understand that it is okay to not be positive all the time! You can actually practice something called body neutrality whereby you focus away from being positive and you just begin to appreciate what your body does for you every day.

“If you think about it, even breathing, walking and digesting are incredible things our body does that maybe we forget to appreciate. That has helped me a lot in accepting my body for all that it is.”

Danielle also advises that those who are struggling declutter their social media and unfollow accounts that don’t make them feel good.

It is also vital that people reach out for help or speak to others about what they're struggling with.

While the content Danielle shares is positive she still experiences trolling, which she has no time for.

“I’m mindful that their perception of me is a reflection of their own self and their own struggles,” she said.

“So, any negative comment is more about the person saying it than the person they are targeting. That’s why it’s important to always be kind.

“Placing a judgment based on external appearance is not an accurate representation of the person. A persons true beauty is internal, it is about who they are on the inside.

“Their opinion of my body is their own subjective view which can be influenced by many factors.”

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