Woman creeped out after listing dirty top – but mark is actually her nipples

Woman creeped out after listing dirty top – but mark is actually her nipples

Making a little extra cash here and there can be helpful – especially during the current cost of living crisis.

Selling items of clothing is one way to pocket some money, so TikTok user Grace attempted to do just that.

Having installed clothing reselling app Vinted, Grace listed some items including a white crop top for a bargain £4.

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And it seems like money would be coming her way as she got a message about the item.

However, it did not exactly go to plan as it caused quite the red face inducing moment – which led to quite the 'creepy' exchange.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up 67,000 views, Grace shared a screenshot of messages from herself and a bloke who potentially wanted to but the top.

The buyer felt like they noticed a fault with the garment, and so they asked: “Is it dirty on the boob area?”

But no dirt was in sight, as Grace replied: “No, just slightly see through haha xx.”

Mortified, the bloke gasped: “Oh f*** me they’re your nipples, s*** I’m so sorry.”

“I’ll forgive you if you buy it,” Grace cheekily replied along with a laughing emoji.

Despite seeming like an innocent mistake at first glance, the bloke started to become ‘creepy’.

He said: “Hahaha you funny, will I be forgiven if I say you have lovely boobs? X.”

Not wasting any time to put the interaction to a halt, Grace firmly said: “No.”

“Just trying to sell clothes man,” she wrote in the caption of the viral video.

“Was just trying to make the sale, didn’t ask to be creeped on.”

Shocked at the message, many people fled to the comments to gasp at the ‘odd’ remark.

One person commented: “Surely not.”

Another user added: "Man has 0 game."

Whilst a third person voiced: "What makes him think that’s gonna make him forgiven."

Someone else expressed: “The fact that he was probably looking at the top for his girlfriend.”


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