Woman blew her entire £50,000 inheritance on designer clothes

Woman blew her entire £50,000 inheritance on designer clothes

Woman who inherited over £50,000 when her mother died reveals she blew the lot on designer clothes within 18 months as a shocking documentary uncovers how young people are getting into debt to buy luxury items

  • Samantha shares her story with Sideman on Untold: Addicted to Drip
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A woman who received more than £50,000 inheritance money following the deaths of her mother, grandmother and great-aunt in quick succession has revealed she blew the whole lot in just 18 months on designer clothes.

Samantha, who says she received between £50,000 and £100,000 after her family members passed away, speaks to Sideman in Untold: Addicted to Drip, which is available to stream on All 4 from today.

The documentary explores how people between the ages of 16 and 34 are consuming designer items in increasing numbers and many are ending up in debt as a result.

Speaking to Sideman, whose real name is David Whitely, Samantha reveals how her addiction to buying designer items worsened as she was grieving because she wanted to fill a void.

Her story comes as a study commissioned by the program reveals shocking statistics about how young people are missing credit card payments after racking up high bills because of their spending habits.

While shopping in a luxury store, Samantha, who claims her most expensive item is a Chanel handbag worth £5,500, explains how her late mother was a ‘shopaholic’ and jokes: ‘Obviously the gene passed down.’

She recalls: ‘My mother got ill so she decided to spoil my sibling and I. 

‘So it was like: ‘We’re gonna fly to the Maldives business class, we’re gonna stay there for three weeks and I’m gonna be taken out of school for a week.’

Samantha reveals her mother, grandmother and great aunt all passed away within months of each other, which left her with an inheritance of tens of thousands of pounds.

Although she did not reveal the exact figure of what she inherited, Samantha confirmed it was ‘more than £50,000 and less than £100,000’.

Appearing in Untold: Addicted to Drip which is streaming on All 4 from today, Samantha reveals that when her mother, grandmother and great aunt died within months of each other, she inherited more than £50,000 but spent it all within 18 months

Presenter Sideman, whose real name is David Whitely, speaks to young people who spend thousands on designer items in the documentary

Asked how she spent the money, she said: ‘I definitely bought some shoes and some bags… a couple of bits.’

Within 18 months, Samantha had spent every penny of the tens of thousands of pounds she had inherited.

She claims she was in a position where she had ‘£15,000-20,000 of stuff’ in her flat, but she ‘couldn’t even afford a train ticket’.

As Sideman asks if she thinks she lost control, Samantha agrees she did.

‘I think I was just so mentally distraught and depressed and anxious that, like, I just didnt care,’ she explains.

‘So I was like, ‘whatever, future me will fgure it out’.’

When she realised she had spent her entire inheritance on designer items, Samantha says she was ‘disappointed’ with herself.

‘I knew my grandmother and my great aunt would be so disappointed in me,’ she recalled. ‘I was probably trying to fill some void.’

As Samantha shares her story, Sideman reveals shocking figures the documentary has obtained about the lengths young people will go to in order to have designer items.

One statistic reveals that 62% of people aged 16-34 have spent money on designer items. 

Stacey Lowman (pictured), from Claro Wellbeing, said the firm had uncovered shocking statistics about how young people are borrowing money they cannot afford to pay back in order to own designer items

Worryingly, more than one in five people within the same age group are taking out credit once a month to afford the items, while one in 10 say they take out credit weekly or more often.

Elsewhere, 58% of 16-34-year-olds surveyed say they feel stressed or anxious about their financial situation.

Speaking to Sideman, Stacey Lowman from Claro Wellbeing said that, according to their research, 30% of people surveyed said they had missed a credit card repayment or a buy now, pay later payment.

‘Almost half of young people are in debt,’ she said. ‘Alongside that, around a third have less than £100 in savings, and one in seven have no savings at all.’

As Sideman meets people who have spent thousands trying to keep up with the image of having lots of designer items, one influencer shares how it had a disastrous impact on her mental health.

Michelle, who is 21 years old, is an aspiring fashion influencer with around 20,000 followers on Instagram.

She explains how she gained traction on the social media platform when she began to pick up followers after posting photos of herself wearing designer gear.

However, as her followers increased and she managed to monetise her content, she found herself under pressure to keep buying designer items, which had become part of her image.

‘It started to get a bit toxic for me,’ she tells Sideman. ‘I realised I was overworking myself. It was a lot of pressure to keep up the lifestyle.’

The pressure became so intense Michelle had a breakdown and spent three months in a psychiatric hospital.

However, when she was discharged, one of the first things Michelle did was go shopping and buy more designer items.

According to the influencer, this was when her perspective finally changed.

‘One of the purchses was £2,000,’ she says. ‘From that moment when that happened, that was the day I was like, ‘I am never, ever going to pressure myself to buy things I do not need.’ 

Bola Sol, a financial consultant, tells the documentary people are getting into debt because it ‘it’s easier to spend money you haven’t earnt’.

She argues we need to remove the ‘shame factor’ around money in order to help people clear their debts.

Reflecting on how she blew her entire inheritance on designer items, Samantha admits she wishes she had done differently ‘every single day’.

However, she insists: ‘I have to mess up to realise.’ 

Untold: Addicted to Drip is available to stream on All4 from today 

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