Which celebrity are YOU most astrologically compatible with?

Which celebrity are YOU most astrologically compatible with?

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Sometimes we are drawn to particular celebrities for what seems like no reason… but could that reason be down to astrology? Celebrities are born under the same sky as us regular folk and each have their own birth charts that we can inspect to figure out their personalities. But, have you ever wondered which celebrity you’d get on with the most in person? Perhaps it’s someone you already feel a connection with. Express.co.uk reveals how to find out your celebrity astrology twin.

Astrology isn’t just about star signs, it’s about your birth chart as a whole.

When trying to get to know someone better through astrology, the first thing most people ask is ‘what’s your big three?’.

The big three in astrology is your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign – and knowing them can help you to understand yourself and why you are how you are.

In fact, your Rising sign is the sign you SHOULD be using to read your horoscope, and if you are female you probably relate to your Moon sign more than your Sun sign.

The Big Three are all inner planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars, which means they orbit the Sun faster than your outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The inner planets and Big Three change signs very quickly, sometimes only lingering in a sign for a few days.

Your Big Three signs might differ from people born on the exact same day so they’re more unique and individual compared to your outer planet signs, which are more generational.

Your Sun sign tells you about your ego, basic personality traits and who you are at the core.

Your Moon sign, especially for women, reveals what you’re like inside, what you love, what makes you feel comfortable and nurtured, and how you take care of yourself and others.

Your Rising sign, also known as your Ascendant, determines your vibe and how other people see you – it can even play a role in your aesthetic, speech and style.
To find out which celebrity or famous figure you are most like, you should find out which celebrities share your big three.

Which celebrity are YOU most astrologically compatible with?

There are more than 1700 big three sign combinations, so it is pretty rare to meet someone with the same Sun, Moon and Rising as you.

However, out of everyone in the entire world, there are millions of people with their Sun, Moon and Ascendent in the same signs as you.

Don’t know your big three signs? Use a birth chart calculator or this big three calculator to find out. 

To find out which celebrity has the same big three as you, use this calculator. 

Having the same Sun sign is great among friends because these people often have shared interests, tastes and ways.

Astrologers say having the same Moon sign is amazing in a relationship because it means you show love in the same way and are on the same page intimately – this makes for an emotionally intense but easy and natural relationship.

If you have the same Rising sign as someone, you probably have a similar style or will be drawn to one another based on your first impressions.

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