What happens when youre dumped from Love Island from holding villa to no phones allowed

What happens when youre dumped from Love Island from holding villa to no phones allowed

In a harshquadruple elimination,Claudia Fogartyand Keanan Brand departed from the Love Island villa this week, along withOlivia Hawkinsand Maxwell Samuda.

Olivia and Maxwell were informed on Wednesday's episode that they had been voted as the least suitable couple by the public and as a result had to decide which other couple would be leaving with them.

Ever wondered what happens after the Islanders are dumped? Turns out in the first few days of their newfound freedom contestants must adhere to a rather strict routine. Here's a breakdown of precisely what awaits Love Island cast members in the days following their departure from the villa.

After being dumped, Islanders have around 20 minutes to pack their bags

From the moment they find out they’ve been dumped, Islanders have a quick turnaround before they need to be walking out the villa doors. Talkingto Ok! , 2020 Islander Shaughna Phillips confirmed: “It’s not that long, maybe 15 to 20 minutes. You don’t actually pack all your stuff, you basically just pack things you definitely don’t want to lose and then overnight stuff, pyjamas, makeup, things like that.”

“Your other stuff comes out a few days later and the people in the villa actually pack it for you – so hope that you’ve made good friends!”

Dumped Islanders stay in a holding villa

Once an Islander is eliminated from Love Island, they are transferred to a holding villa. Their departure does not always mean an immediate return home as they could remain in the other villa for several days, accompanied by security and chaperones.

Shaughna said: “You have a security guard, chaperones, and for me, I left the villa on a Wednesday, and I didn’t actually fly home until the Saturday night, so I was still over there for three or four days before I left.”

She added: “You’re not even really allowed to watch telly, you can maybe watch a movie, but the chaperone is in charge of the remote control! You can’t watch any news,”

The Islanders don’t get their phones back for a number of days

While staying in the holding villa, ex-Islanders are banned from using their phones during the "lockdown" period. The degree to which they are informed of events in the outside world is restricted and dependent on the supervisor overseeing them.

Jonny Mitchell, who was on the show in 2017, said: “You still don’t have any real concept of what’s happened but I had a pretty good idea of what was going on because I had a good chaperone. He was feeding me bits of information. I’d just had five weeks of sunbathing so I didn’t really want to do any more.”

ITV will tell them what’s been said about them on social media

Love Island generates enormous online discussion every year, and its participants are frequently subjected to trolling, turned into viral memes, and acquire a significant social media following. All this can understandably be overwhelming and so, while still under ITV's care, eliminated Islanders are informed about the comments made about them on social media and in the press.

Dumped Islanders head to the airport on their own

Series two contestant Malin Andersson spoke about her experience getting dumped from the Island, revealing: “You go to Palma airport, on your own, and then boom, you’re in reality.”

Olivia Attwood’s reunion with her family was filmed for ITV2, and she explained: “We saw them for an hour and then we were rushed off and did some more filming. Until about three days after I got back, I didn’t see my family properly. You needed your parents there but we had filming to do – there was press. That was the first time we got put into this kind of world.”

Islanders are put up in a London hotel

Upon arrival, Islanders are accommodated in the same hotel in London and, if they have paired up on the show, are permitted to share a room with their partner.

Islanders undergo training for their post-show life and careers

After returning home and resuming their daily routines, many Love Islanders experience a big change in their careers. They are frequently approached by management agencies, offered brand partnerships and are highly sought after for interviews and podcast appearances.

In recent years, Islanders have undergone training before appearing on the show regarding financial management and post-show career opportunities, better preparing them for what is to come after the Villa.


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