Two people found living in man-made cave in San Francisco

Two people found living in man-made cave in San Francisco

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While excavating the site of an old bridge in the Vallejo area of San Francisco, construction workers found two people living in a man-made cave they carved into the side of an embankment.

The workers alerted authorities after hearing voices and “dozens of police, firefighters and rescue workers from Vallejo and nearby agencies converged on the bridge at Sacramento Street and Farragut Avenue,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Inside the 20-foot-long, three-foot-high cave, they found two unidentified people who were removed and are now in the process of being relocated.

“We called in the police and fire departments to make sure we didn’t injure anyone,” Walker told the Chronicle. “It’s a rescue operation.”

The operation shut down traffic for three blocks as workers removed the pair’s belongings. Vallejo resident Albert Wong told the Chronicle he saw rescue workers remove sleeping bags, clothing, backpacks and other personal items from the cave. “It was a lot of stuff,” Wong said.

The Chronicle noted neighbors knew about the homeless population in the area but were unaware of the cave.

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