Trolls assume Im a dumb sl*t because Im on OnlyFans – but I prove them wrong

Trolls assume Im a dumb sl*t because Im on OnlyFans – but I prove them wrong
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    An OnlyFans model with "really good" GCSE results hit back at assumptions about her intelligence.

    Elley Davies, 19, found viral fame online for her 'lazy' eye and took the opportunity to launch her raunchy modelling career off the back of it.

    The lass from Pembrokeshire, Wales, was diagnosed with an eye turn – formally known as strabismus – in her left eye when she was a child, and is 80% blind on that side.

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    Instead of playground taunts and online hate getting Elley down, she has used her 'visible insecurity' as her strength to help her find confidence posing starkers.

    Although, through posing on OnlyFans, people are quick to make assumptions about how smart she is.

    Elley wants to prove that just because she takes her clothes off for cash it doesn't make her 'dumb' or a 'sl*t'.

    The model told Daily Star: "There’s nothing I dislike about OnlyFans, it changed my life in so many amazing ways and it continues too, I wouldn’t change anything about that.

    "Although I feel like people look at me 'like that' as in there’s this picture painted of me as this 'sl*t' but my job doesn’t define me as a person and I feel like people mistake that, as my personality is just so opposite.

    "I got really good GCSEs in school and could of gone into retail or any other business, but this is just the path I wanted to follow and I’m so glad I did."

    She achieved a C and D in English, B in maths and history, C in art, secured her Level 1 in beauty at college and recently passed her driving test on the first go.

    Despite staying in education after secondary school, Elley realised that OnlyFans and influencing could offer her a life that she could only dream of.

    While Elley does not want to disclose how much she's actually made from the kinky subscription site in the last year, she is financially comfortable at the age of 19.

    "All I can say is, OnlyFans income has changed my life so much, and I don’t think I would be where I am if it wasn’t for OnlyFans," she said.

    "It’s given me the life I’ve always hoped for.

    "Where I come from, I don’t see any opportunities for me, I felt like I was destined to have what I have now.

    "Even when I was younger I dreamed of being famous but more of a singer!

    "But yeah, it’s actually crazy how far I’ve gone with this, as I didn’t expect it to happen – I didn’t expect people to want to watch me, but they do!"

    Elley is a powerhouse on TikTok who has built up 243,000 followers – as well as a nasty batch of recurrent trolls.

    However, the model has chose to focus on how her no nonsense attitude towards the haters has helped others embrace their lazy eye.

    "So many people interact, and there’s not only the bad, I get so many lovely messages how I’ve helped peoples confidence who also suffer with a lazy eye," Elley explained.

    "Or [helped] their children – how I’ve helped them just be more confident in school and in themselves.

    "And honestly it’s the best feeling knowing that your doing something that you love and helping people at the same time, there’s no feeling like it.

    "Having this as a career is just such an achievement."


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