Trendiest international baby names – from Leo in Finland to Nora in Norway

Trendiest international baby names – from Leo in Finland to Nora in Norway

Ever wondered what the most popular baby names are around the world?

In the UK, Olivia and Oliver have been the trendiest monikers for years now.

But other boys’ names topping the charts in England and Wales include Noah and the regal sounding George, Arthur, and Harry.

Meanwhile, Amelia, Isla, Ava, and Mia are among the most popular options for girls.

But according to research, taste differs greatly depending on where you live in the world.

While Finnish parents love the name Leo, Noah tops the list for Germans, Grace is trendy in Ireland and Julia is well-loved in Poland.

A spokesperson for said: “Expecting a baby is exciting as is the chance to pick your babies name. It can be a big decision, some parents stick to the status quo, whereas others prefer more traditional or quirky names.

“It is thought that younger parents opt for more modern names, like Roman or Summer. They are also more likely to name their children shorter versions of traditional names, like Tommy and Rosie.

“Whether parents want to call their child a common name, or opt for something a little more usual, we hope they find this rundown inspiring and helpful.”

Check out the full list of international baby names below.

United States

Liam and Olivia are most popular baby names.

Other highly ranked names for boys and girls are Noah, Oliver, William, Emma, Ava and Charlotte.


Oliver tops the table for boys, while Amelia is trendiest for girls.

Down Under, parents also gravitate towards monikers like Lucas, Noah, Leo, Charlotte, Isla and Mia.


While Wales and England put Oliver and Olivia at the top of the table, they only make it into the top five in Scotland.

People living in the north of the UK prefer options like Jack and Isla.


Jack and Grace are the most popular names in the Emerald Isles.

Irish monikers like Fiadh (pronounced Fee-ah) and Conor are also loved by parents.


Leo and Olivia top the rankings in Finland.

Other more traditional Finnish names hitting the top include Eino, Elias, and Onni for boys and Aino, Pihla, and Aada.


Noah and Mia are the most popular baby names in Germany.

Parents also have a lot of love for monikers like Mia, Emilia, Ben and Matteo.


Like many other European countries, Noah tops the rankings in the Netherlands.

Emma is the trendiest for girls – with other common choices being Julia, Mila, Sem and Liam.


While Oliver is favoured for boys, Nora scores highest on the charts for girls.

Noah, William, Emma and Ella are also regularly picked by parents.


Julia and Antoni are the most popular names in Poland.

These are followed closely by Zuzanna and Zofia for girls and Jan and Aleksander for boys.


William and Alice take first place in Sweden.

Parents are also keen on the monikers Hugo, Noah, Elsa and Astrid.

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