Traveller, 18, talks caravan life & marriage to husband who pays for everything

Traveller, 18, talks caravan life & marriage to husband who pays for everything

A young woman has lifted the lid on life living as a traveller in a caravan – and how she copes with married life with her husband.

Kathleen Johnson, now 18, met her non-traveller husband in a car park and they became "best friends" after messaging on Snapchat.

In a series of videos on TikTok, Kathleen, who refers herself as an "English gypsy", answers to viewers' questions about the traveller community.

One viewer asked how she keeps everything inside a caravan without making a mess and Kathleen replies: "This is a very good question.

"Literally, every cupboard – this one, that one, this wardrobe, that wardrobe, even under the bed – is all my clothes.

"And my husband's cupboards is just them two."

She then gives details on the rules about weddings and says her husband "pays for everything" in their married life.

"In the gypsy and traveller community, the mum and dad pays for everything, like for your wedding," Kathleen says.

"And obviously when you are living and married to the boy he pays for everything."

She opened up about the stigma she experiences being a traveller, and said: "The hardest thing about being a gypsy is no matter what you do, what you wear, literally anything, you will always get judged.

"You can be the quietest person in the world and not do anything to a person and you’d still get judged."

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She added: “It is hard and when you go into some shops and you’ll see some people who are not gypsies, and they’ll whisper ‘oh there’s gypsies’ or they will pull a face and walk away.

"It is hard, and if you say anything, you are in the wrong."

Viewers showed their support in the comments and told Kathleen to ignore the "haters".

One wrote: "As long as ur happy take no notice of the doubters."

And another said: "Travellers are the kindest people ever."

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