Trashy wedding cake slammed by horrified guests as critics brand it dirty

Trashy wedding cake slammed by horrified guests as critics brand it dirty

Wedding cakes are important when it comes to a celebration.

Some couples will have a theme in mind, whether it's a naked cake or covered in fruit and icing.

But one bride and groom had something else in mind – and Reddit users simply don't know what to think.

Posting on Reddit, one user who went by the name Road Goddess, wrote: "Uuuggghhhhh! I have no words… trashy."

It has racked up over 1,700 upvotes and hundreds of comments since it was uploaded on the online forum.

In the photo, it shows a female hand holding a phallic shape with the words "To Have & To Hold" underneath.

Below the X-rated cake are small favours with penises on a heart-shaped biscuit.

While many were left mortified by the state of the cake, others thought it would be more appropriate for a hen-do.

One said: "That's a bachelorette party, right?"

Another added: "Please please please let that be a bachelorette party.

"Even for a bachelorette that's kind of trashy, but for a wedding it would be downright abominable."

A third wrote: "I've made plenty a fondant penis for bachelorette parties; my only personal objection to this is that it looks terrible."

While a fourth quipped: "It looks so dirty," and a fifth slammed: "The icing on the cookies is even worse!

"Like, no way these were professionally done… I hope."

What do you make of the cake? Let us know in the comments below…

Speaking of wedding cakes, a bride's dessert left people cracking up as the icing looks very X-rated.

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The white three-tiered cake was created with an abstract design and covered in royal icing, flower designs and faux-flowers.

But it also had a gothic addition of what people said looked like a "spiderweb" – which would be cool for Halloween or a wedding.

Some said it looked like it would fit a "Winter Wonderland" big day and others said they liked the unique design.

However, lots of others said they could only see it as being covered in something rude.

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