Thousands love this Amazon ice-roller for how it cools skin

Thousands love this Amazon ice-roller for how it cools skin

Puffy skin? This £12 ice-roller has gone viral with THOUSANDS of shoppers claiming it de-puffs, cools and calms skin

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An £11.99 ice roller has found viral fame on Tik Tok with thousands of shoppers raving how it’s both a heatwave hero and beauty bargain, impressed with how it calms, soothes and tightens skin. 

A favourite accessory with celebrities like Hailey Beiber and Kate Moss, ice rollers have been credited with soothing puffy skin as well as an effective relief for migraines and sore muscles. 

Now on sale, it’s a great time to reap the rewards of the LATME Ice Roller, particularly with temperatures soaring in the UK.

The shopper favourite LATME Ice Roller gives you a cooling facial or massage wherever you need quick relief. 

Offering soothing on-the-spot relief from migraine, muscle pain or hot flashes also helps de-puff the skin and temporarily reduces the look of fine lines. 

The LATME Ice Roller has over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, with users raving about how it soothes and calms puffy skin, provides instant relief from the heat and even helps muscles recover 

Like a jade roller, the LATME Ice Roller can be used on the face to instantly cool and calm puffy skin. 

The ice roller uses cold therapy to de-puff skin as well as providing cooling relief for skin conditions like sunburn. 

Better still, when massaged on skin, it causes the blood vessels to constrict, which can decrease puffiness, encouraging the skin to look taught and revitalized. In short, it’s the summer skin hero you need to soothe, calm and rejuvenate skin in the heat.  

Amazon shoppers have credited the LATME Ice Roller with everything from relieving fatigue, reducing puffy eyes and even improving the look of fine lines. 

Users claim ‘it works like a dream’ and is ‘so soothing’, particularly after a heavy night, bad night’s sleep or when when temperatures soar. 

The budget-friendly tool is a heatwave savior as well as a beauty-cabinet must-have. Providing cooling relief, the detachable roller allows you to store the head in the freezer, while keeping the handle at room temperature. 

The ice roller has been credited with reducing puffiness, and sculpting the face to appear firmer and more lifted

One impressed shopper left a rave review for the £11.99 LATME Ice Roller, writing: ‘I’ve had saggy puffy eyelids, and this has helped so much to tighten the skin and depuff them! Also helps fine lines too. Great product!’.

Another agreed, adding: ‘I place the roller piece around on the back of my neck/collarbone/back while falling asleep and it really helps to bring my core temp down enough for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

‘What’s great about this compared to an ice method is there is no melting mess. Just pop it back in the freezer once you’re done and walk away.’

A third penned: ‘I love this! It’s great for reducing puffiness and my face looks more plump after using it too. It’s also effective for headaches, you just roll it on your temples. I also use it on my body to help with sore muscles and speed up recovery.’

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