Thick and curvy 54-year-old stepmum poses in her bikini on TikTok

Thick and curvy 54-year-old stepmum poses in her bikini on TikTok

Gina is a 54-year-old social media star who enjoys showing off her outfits on her TikTok account @ginafit68. Recently, Gina has amazed the internet with her appearance. People cannot believe how young she looks.

In one video, Gina used a towel to cover her body, and wrote: “How does a Stepmom 54yo look in her bikini?” Shen then dropped the towel to reveal herself in a two-piece yellow bikini, looking fantastic.

Several commenters said Gina was “gorgeous” and “beautiful” while many people replied with heart and flower emojis. Another user asked Gina to adopt them, while other comments complimented her appearance.

Gina regularly posts about her appearance on her social media, and in one video she jokes: “Guys ghost me when they find out I could be their grandmother.” She has also posted videos showing she is proud of her body, describing herself as a “thick” and “curvy” woman.

@ginafit68 ������stepmom in her bikini#fypシ #hotstepmommy #over40mom #maturewoman #cougar #bikinimodel ♬ original sound – Slamuri

Gina is just one of many older women who have taken to social media to show you can have fun at any age. Another influencer named Katrina from the TikTok account @imsodeliteful describes herself as a “self-care” and “wellness” creator who says it is important for those over fifty to feel good about themselves no matter what they are wearing.

In her social media description, she wrote; “I show others how to age gracefully and heal through laughter and self-love.”

Katrina posts self-care tips, such as sharing her morning routine and well as what skin products she uses. She also enjoys showing off her style and outfits, and more women have said it has inspired them to keep wearing what they enjoy as they grow older.

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In one video, a commentator left Katrina a comment which said: “You’ve inspired me, you are rocking it.” to which the social media star replied. She said: “People keep asking me why I keep mentioning my age, this is why. I continue to inspire women like me, fifty-plus or forty-plus.”

She added: “We need to come out into the world and show who we are and our individuality. Let’s not let ageism or bullies keep us in our shells, we have something to offer.”

People on social media have rallied behind Katrina’s body and age positivity, and she has inspired many women both older and younger.

@imsodliteful Chile if you dint take yo azz to bed������������ i love every bit of my older self������������ #50fine #fyp #foryou #wakeup #viral #journey ♬ original sound – Clint Carrington

One woman wrote: “I’m not in the 50 club but I appreciate you” while another woman said: “I’m turning the big five-zero in July…but I’m excited and ready! Fabulous fifties.”

Another person said: “Finer than aged wine and wiser than an owl” while another dan said: “Thank you for all you do, you really make me smile.”

Somebody else said: “I just love the vibes you send out. Be strong dearie” while another user said: “Happy girls are the prettiest! Keep being an inspiration love.”

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