The TikTok instant lash lift hack that will give you long, luscious eyelashes for just £1.50

The TikTok instant lash lift hack that will give you long, luscious eyelashes for just £1.50

If you’re desperately seeking longer looking lashes but lash lift treatments aren’t within your budget, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a brand new hack trending on TikTok that claims to give you the same look using just two products: an eyelash curler and a pot of Vaseline.

That’s right, the latest no-makeup-makeup craze sweeping the app is seeing users transform their lashes with just two simple steps – and honestly, the results are amazing.

Although we’ve spotted a few versions of the hack on TikTok, generally, it’s advised that you begin by applying a small amount of Vaseline (which you can pick up for just £1.50 here) to the soft pad of your lash curler before using the usual eyelash clamping method.

Once your lashes are clamped in place, you should use your finger (or a spoolie, if you have one) to comb the product through your lashes, making sure they are completely covered. Some users like to thickly coat their lashes in Vaseline before going in with their eyelash curler, but you might oversaturate your eyes with product by following this method.

Once you’ve applied your Vaseline with the eyelash curler, your lashes should look longer and more lifted – as if you’ve just stepped out of the salon.

Proving popular with beauty fans on the app, the hashtag #vaselinelashlift has raked in over 366K views so far, with many testing out the hack themselves in a series of short clips.

One user named @brighattas gave the hack a go for her followers, sharing the results in a video that’s been viewed a whopping 3.9 million times.

“Hear me out,” she says in the clip. “If you are not using Vaseline to curl your lashes, you are doing yourself a disservice.”

Showing off the finished look, the user adds: “I have zero mascara on right now – none. It speaks for itself.”

Another TikToker named @nataliedn13 has taken the hack one step further with her own clever take on the trend. Instead of applying Vaseline to her lashes with her finger or to the base of her eyelash curler, she’s transferred the product into a cheap brow-gel bottle, which she uses to comb through her lashes as you usually would with a mascara.

“Upgraded to an empty tube from Amazon for my Vaseline,” she captions the post, revealing in the comment section that she now uses it instead of mascara.

“I notice the Vaseline makes them stand out,” the user says.

We don’t know about you but if it’ll save us splashing out on expensive treatments, this is one TikTok hack we’re happy to give a go!

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