The most annoying things that could send your day down the wrong track

The most annoying things that could send your day down the wrong track

Thought your day was going badly? Hilarious snaps reveal VERY unfortunate mishaps – from a frozen solid egg to and exploding glass table

  • Users on Reddit shared the moments that their days went from bad to worse 
  • The thread shows hoodie drawstrings coming out and chewed-up headphones
  • An artist immersed in his work mistook the mug filled with paint for a coffee cup

Everyone’s had one of those days when things aren’t going your way and it seems it can’t get any worse, but it’s always helpful to remember you’re definitely not alone – as these hilarious snaps prove. 

Traveler Door has rounded up a selection of calamaties from around the words, showcasing everything from epic culinary mishaps to broken furniture and delivery fails. 

One user showed her devastation when her cat destroyed dinner by jumping up on the counter, sending the dish crashing to the kitchen floor.

Another took off his face mask to accidentally knock his wireless earphones into a drain, proving that if you’re having a bit of a nightmare day, there’s probably plenty of people out there who can sympathise.  

Cat-atstrophe! This kitty was clearly keen for its dinner, because the naughty feline knocked over the chef’s hard work right onto the kitchen floor

Glass act: The wind unleashed its full power onto this glass table, smashing the outdoor furniture into smithereens

You order an expensive new computer monitor and look forward to the shiny new gadget, but not for this US Reddit user, who caught the delivery driver dumping it over a seven-foot wall

It’s happened to all of us… but when that drawstring leaves the hole of the hoodie it lives in, there is no going back – and there is nothing more frustrating

Taking the Mickey! The arcade games are difficult to win from at the best of times, but this is so close, yet so far

Buying on a budget: This user shared her dad’s purchase, who bought a drilling machine online – only to be faced with a 2-D, laminated print-out of a drilling machine

Wake-up call: This artist from the US was too in-the-zone to realise that the cup he was taking a sip out of was his paint cup, not the hot cup of tea he was looking forward to drinking

It’s a hearty gesture to offer someone a cup of tea as you get your own, but that went down the drain with this woman who broke both hers and her husband’s favourite mugs in the process

Cocoa, anyone? There are many ways to make this hot drink, and the microwave is often a quick option, but this time, left them with no hot chocolate, but a lot of cleaning up to do

Face masks and earphones don’t work well together, and in this case, left the Reddit user to go on the rest of his journey with only one ear tuned in

A GPS might have come in handy… whoever delivered this TV was just a town away from reaching its owner in Denmark – instead posting it to somewhere houses hadn’t been built yet

This user was a particular fan of the toaster pastries Pop Tarts, and was disappointed to see only half of the crust was covered in the sweet frosting

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Not the most ideal thing to see when you’re making yourself some food

A hard one to crack! One cook from the US  was disappointed to find their egg was totally frozen when they broke it open 

The dog left its owner very unhappy after chewing away at his new headset, only to find out that his sister didn’t let him know

Pet peeve: There is nothing worse than completing a puzzle only to find out that there is a piece, or in this case ten, missing from their box – and this user was given extra

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