Teachers reveal what they REALLY do over summer in online confessions

Teachers reveal what they REALLY do over summer in online confessions

Teachers reveal what they REALLY do over summer in shocking anonymous confessions – from working as a dominatrix to staying up all night smoking drugs

  • Teachers from around the world shared confessions on US-based site Whisper 
  • One revealed she will spend the summer working as a professional dominatrix  
  • Another drinks every day and a third wants to stay up all night and ‘get high’ 

Summer is on the horizon, but it is not just the students who are excited at the thought of spending months away from school. 

Teachers from around the world have taken to anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper to reveal how they spend their summer holidays – and the revelations range from the shocking to the depressing. 

One teacher from the US revealed she spends her vacation working as a dominatrix and earns ‘way more’ than she does from her day job. Another admitted he takes advantage of the lack of routine and stays up all night ‘getting high’. 

A third said it would be hard to kick her habit of drinking on a daily basis once term restarts. 

A habit they don’t want to break! Daily drinking will have to start once term restarts

No rules, no responsibilities: A teacher wants to spend the time off indulging

Double life: This teacher from Virginia spends her summer working as a high-paid dominatrix

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