Taylor Swift just trademarked her new kitten, Benjamin Button

Taylor Swift just trademarked her new kitten, Benjamin Button

You’re not officially part of Taylor Swift’s cat family until you get trademarked.

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After previously trademarking “Meredith & Olivia Swift” — the names of her first two cats — Swift is now working on a trademark that includes her newest kitty, Benjamin Button.

According to the official Trademark Office server, her company TAS Rights Management has applied for a trademark of “Meredith, Olivia & Benjamin Swift.” This legal move will allow her to cash in on merchandise featuring all three of her prized pets.

She filed an application June 19 and the trademark covers goods and services like “Jewelry; Jewelry charms; Bracelets; Rubber or silicone wristbands in the nature of a bracelet; Jewelry boxes; Jewelry cases” and much more.

“Plush toys; Stuffed toys; Stuffed toy bears; Stuffed toy animals” and even kitchen linens are covered under the trademark.

Last year, Taylor put Meredith and Olivia’s likenesses on T-shirts, earrings, pens, makeup cases and stickers. The merch is then available for sale on her website.

She added Benjamin to her family this year after falling in love with the kitten on the set of her music video for “ME!”

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