Tattooed dad takes baby son for first freaking cute inking and gets backlash

Tattooed dad takes baby son for first freaking cute inking and gets backlash

A tattoo mad dad sparked a debate after taking his baby son for his first inking.

While some people thought the temporary airbrushed tattoo was "freaking cute", others branded it "gross", with one person asking "what the f*** is wrong with you people?"

Mum Jayda Harris and her husband were at a zoo when the dad spotted a makeover booth in the children's zone and decided to get the little boy some body art of his own.

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Joking that they were both now "men with tattoos", Jayda filmed the zoo worker placing a paper stencil on her son's leg before spraying red and black ink over it.

The "inking" is a red heart with "mom" written in the middle.

Jayda shared the video on TikTok, where it has gone viral, amassing more than 13 million views since August.

"You make a bunch of cute, trendy TikToks and then randomly post a video of your baby getting an airbrush tattoo at the zoo, it got 13 million views," Jayda wrote in the caption.

"Someone teach me the TikTok algorithm."

She also revealed that her husband picked the tattoo for Stetson.

Some viewers were scared after mistaking the airbrush gun for a tattoo needle.

"You scared me for a second," one said. "Is it safe for the baby though?"

Another said: "I was concerned before I took a second look, it's freaking cute."

But, despite the fact it was temporary, some maintained it think it wasn't safe on delicate and sensitive skin.

"That's gross! Real or not, it's awful!" a viewer said.

A second added: "I thought he got shot in the leg!"

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And a third blasted: "Why would you get your baby tattoo for? Like what the f*** is wrong with you people?"

Despite the video clearly showing that it's paint, Jayda confirmed it wasn't a real tattoo.

She added: "I'm not exactly sure of the paint she used. We had this done while we were at our local zoo.

"She did confirm it was non-toxic paint. It came off the same night."


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