Tattoo artist dares fans to get ink designed using his homemade roulette machine

Tattoo artist dares fans to get ink designed using his homemade roulette machine

A tattoo artist has dared brave fans to spin his ink roulette machine and get the design it throws out – and it’s proving a roaring success.

Denzel Ortega, 23, from Colorado, US, has already tattooed 50 enthusiasts who chose to use the slot machine of his creation.

The roulette features 60 random words – with everything from vegetables to animals involved – and when you spin the wheel Denzel designs a custom tattoo from the word you’re given.

Punters can spin the wheel up to four times to generate multiple words which must be incorporated into the ink design – making Denzel’s job trickier.

He explained: "I haven't had anyone who hasn't been happy. Everyone has been really excited.

"It's had a very good response. I've done 50 to 60 tattoos and everyone has been happy with them and loved their designs.

"You can spin the machine twice, three or four times depending on what size tattoo you want."

The artist added: "It will land on a random word and I'll come up with a random design based on that word or words.

"There are so many different words ranging from animals to things to do with Japanese culture and yin and yang symbols.

"I've done moths, tigers and roses. Someone spun cherries and female head so I did a woman's head where one of the cherries should be."

The artist built his machine back in October 2020 from an old coin bank which he painted with 3D prints.

Denzel added: “I had seen some tattoo artists giving random tattoos and I wanted to do something different.

"I have a lot of family in Las Vegas who love to gamble so I got the idea from them and their love of gambling."

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He said: "I was nervous when I was building it because I've tried wacky projects before like a tattoo gumball machine and they flopped so I was worried this might flop as well.

"It took two weeks straight for me to build and paint."

A tattoo designed by Denzel from the machine can cost between £113 and £300, but if you get the jackpot you could get £150 worth of free ink.

Denzel said: "People tell me I'm really creative, I've always been artistically inclined and I've wanted to be a tattoo artist since I was young.

"When I was a kid, I saw my dad getting a tattoo and he was so excited so I decided when I grew up that I wanted to be a tattoo artist to make people happy like my dad was."

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