Some Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores cost £320 extra a year to shop – where to save money

Some Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores cost £320 extra a year to shop – where to save money

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Many Britons have relied on smaller supermarkets like convenience stores near their home throughout the pandemic, in a bid to avoid larger supermarkets and because they will likely be quieter. 

However, researchers compared the average weekly price of 48 own-brand label goods over five months at Sainsbury’s Local and Tesco Express compared to the main supermarkets.

It was found that customers shopping at their local stores rather than heading to a larger supermarket could be paying a lot more money.

The research found customers would be paying 9.5 percent more a year at Sainsbury’s Local than a regular Sainsbury’s.

On average, the trolley of 48 items would have set shoppers back £71.26 a week compared to £65.08 at Sainsbury’s large stores.

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This would see a difference of £6.18 weekly and £322 annually. 

Natalie Hitchins, from Which?, said: “Convenience stores have been a huge help to many of us during the pandemic.

“However, our research shows that shoppers who rely solely on supermarket convenience stores, rather than their larger stores for their groceries, are paying a premium.

“Customers will generally get more for their money at larger supermarket stores, but for some products, the price difference may not be significant, so it is always worth checking prices to make sure you are getting the best deal.”

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At Tesco Express, customers could be paying 8.4 percent more a year than those shopping at Tesco’s larger supermarkets.

The shopping at Tesco Express stores would have cost customers £69.12 compared to £63.75 at larger stores.

Although not a huge price difference, it can add up throughout the year.

The numbers add up to a difference of £5.37 a week and £279 annually if shoppers only picked up groceries at the convenience store.

A number of the own-brand products were more expensive in Express stores including yoghurt and orange juice.

However, Which? also found that a lot of the food items were the same cost, or in some cases, even cheaper.

The price of products can also vary on many different factors including store location.

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “We’re committed to offering our customers the best possible value.

The price of our products is influenced by a range of factors, including promotions which can vary between Sainsbury’s supermarkets and convenience stores.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “Our Tesco Express stores are mainly in built-up areas where unfortunately rents, rates and the operating costs for these stores are higher. 

“The difference in prices of some products reflect these increased costs, but our prices remain competitive as we strive to offer great value to our customers.”

How can Britons reduce the price of their weekly shop?

Customers can use their loyalty cards as a way of saving money on their food shop.

Both Tesco Clubcard and Sainsbury’s Nectar Card can earn shoppers points that can be spent on various different things.

This includes saving money on petrol as well as on holidays and days out.

Tesco also has a weekly meal planner section on their site which lists different recipes and all of the ingredients needed to make them.

This is a great way of not overbuying grocery items as well as helping to reduce food waste.

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